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2nd Generation Kindle eBook Reader - Right 4 U???

There's two types of people in the world: Those who are literate, and those who ain't. People who don't spend hours reading, and those buy and INHALE books one right after the other. <-- It is this latter bunch that groks why Amazon's Kindle eBook reader gizmo is a truly tectonic shift in the world of media consumption - and know it will change their reading life forever.
2nd Generation Kindle 2 eBook Reader
For those who love to read, Amazon has added polish to an already brilliant, well conceived and designed product in the first place: Now with better display, battery-life and storage capacity.

It's an amazing electronic book gadget that avid readers have and will take to in droves. while many other's will continue to wonder what-the-fuss is all about. It's an IMPORTANT product for today and the future. But it will never be something as broadly adopted as the iPod has been. At this point the Kindle's Cellular data service keeps it largely an American US consumer product. Unlike the hundreds of CD's and music we already had that unleashed the value of an iPod immediately, a Kindle implies buying rather pricey fresh CONTENT for it from Day One - and all through its lifetime. So the Kindle will never take over the Earth like the iPod has, but it's still one of the most important technology introductions of the 21st Century.

Which do you read more from? A computer screen - or the printed page? Would you buy a Kindle? Leave a comment...