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OSX Speech Recognition For Mac Internet Marketing

The article you're reading here has been dictated into OSX Mountain Lion’s new Apple Dictation software without having to type a single sentence. An intriguing new feature in OSX system 10.8 is Apple’s Speech To Text Dictation Services. It has some interesting potential for those who create websites or promote and market content on their Mac.

You enable Speech To Text capabilities in System Preferences > Dictation & Speech preference pane. You can then begin speaking into any available text entry field in nearly any Mac application enviroment. Once Apple's Dictation services have been enabled, you simply tap the FN - Function key twice in any edible text field to begin recording. A pop-up microphone icon appears, ready to listen. When you're done speaking simply press the Function key again. Your voice recording is transmitted to Apple, processed, and the written version shows up on your Mac in mere seconds. (Note: you MUST have an active internet connection for translation to occur since it’s processed on Apple’s servers, not on your Mac.)

Speech To Text recognition can be a real timesaver when you want to add web page content, compose an article or write a post for your blog. As long as you are able to clearly structure your thoughts, speak distinctly, and create logical sentences on the fly - Apple's speech recognition performs admirably. Unlike other speech recognition products on the Mac, Apple dictation does not require any training sessions. It can recognize nearly anyone's voice without having to teach the system first. For example, IBM ViaVoice, Dragon Dictate for Mac and MacSpeech require a bit of training time so that it learns the patterns of your voice before you can begin using the program for dictation.

Punctuation commands can also be spoken in your stream of conversation. For example, I can say ‘comma’, or ‘exclamation point’ to add punctuation correctly as I'm speaking the sentence. Talking out your punctuation commands can be a bit confusing at first, but with a bit of practice you’ll be able to handle as-you-go sentence punctuation while you're speaking. Capitalization is automatic and surprisingly accurate as well.

The possibilities for using Apple dictation services in your website promotion and Internet Marketing plan are limitless. Any Apple OS X application that has a text input field can handle speech to text. That includes text fields on web pages within your Safari web browser, programs like Apple TextEdit, Microsoft Word for Mac, Stickies notes or any other text editing app on your Mac.

Social Media Marketing tasks can be performed with Apple's dictation by simply speaking a tweet that you’d like to send to Twitter or to compose a Facebook status update. The possibilities are endless. You could use your voice to create social bookmark titles and descriptions, tags and keywords by merely speaking into each of the appropriate text entry fields as you create your bookmark submission.

For those into article marketing or blogging, Apple dictation services can be a godsend helping you rapidly create fresh new content for your blog or to distribute out on article or blog networks. Once you've spoken the article you want to publish, you’ll need to do a bit of editing and fine tuning to ensure all the capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure and voice interpretations are correct. After proof-reading a full version of your text, you could optionally use a Mac compatible article spinner such a SpinRewriter to create statistically and mathematically unique versions of your article prior to distribution.

Mac Speech To Text Recognition
In my testing, Apple's Dictation services works fairly well with my MacBook Air’s built-in microphone. However, you may wish to use an external microphone or headset to insure optimal recognition accuracy and avoid the possibility of background noise hampering your recording session. Please visit mac-microphones.com for some recommended external USB microphones and Mac compatible headsets to help with your speech recognition and dictation needs. Mac Dictation also seems to perform best when processing just one or two sentences at a time. You’ll get better results staying short and succinct, and not expecting it to recognize entire paragraphs or long streams of continuous speech.