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Apple Handheld Gadgets vs MacBook And Mac Desktops

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The personal computing landscape is dramatically shifting as traditional desktop and laptop computers come under pressure from handheld mobile computing devices like tablets and cell phones. The Apple iPad tablet, iPhone and iPod touch offer computing power and software sophistication undreamed of only a handful of years ago. In the past few years -- decades of dominance by the iMac, Mac mini and Macintosh Pro desktops and MacBook laptops now shrinks in the shadow of handheld mobile computing devices.

As long as they exist, MacGizmoGuy will always be about the MacBook portable and Macintosh desktop computing scene. The Apple world simply grew too big and diverse for one guy to cover everything iOS and OSX, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod and all the accompanying peripherals and accessories WELL. As such I'm staying focused where I have the most expertise - on conventional desktop and notebook computing. Four to Five Million Macs sold every quarter ain't nothing to sneeze at.

That said, I am mindful that even in the Mac world, nearly 3 out of 4 Mac users opt for a MacBook Pro or Air laptop. As such, I'm keenly interested in portable and mobile computing accessories with a mindful eye on those which ALSO WORK WELL WITH APPLE HANDHELD DEVICES so that your purchase decision and computer accessory investment can be leveraged across multiple Apple hardware gadgets. I juse didn't want to become what 'MacWorld' has become: More of an iWorld online publication that's less and less about Macintosh with each passing day. I didn't want to become an Apple tech blogger writing about the 20 new plastic iPhone cases released every day and bore you with bits of plastic that changes shape, size and color by the minute.

"All Mac - All The Time" has long been MacGizmoGuy's motto: And I'm sticking with it.