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Office For Mac 2011 - New Version Due Late October

Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac OSX
Mac compatible Microsoft Office 2011 For OSX Leopard
Single User Student Edition:

Office 2011 For Mac - Student Edition

NOTE: The $119 MSRP Student Edition no longer includes licenses for up to 3 Macs. You'll want the 3-license version at $149. And, Microsoft's Mac email program - Entourage is NOT included as part of this bundle. If you're an Entourage user, you'll want the pricier Professional version:

Mac Office Home & Business 2011

In this version, Entourage transitions to OUTLOOK which is now fully compatible with the Windows version. Especially for cross-platform businesses - this is a full-featured Mac version of Outlook that finally handles calendars, scheduling and .PST files. A truly corporate version of Office for OSX is finally here. MSRP $199.

New iPod Lineup : Compelling Updates From Apple

Some VERY interesting twists on Apple's revamped iPod linueup unveiled this week. They surprised even me with every model and improvement. Excellent gifts for Back-To-School or for Holiday gift giving. Think the iPod is dying? Think Different. Again:

Hail the return of the iPod shuffle to its original clip-on form-factor. (It was the perfect consumer product in the first place, they foolishly changed it to headphone cord mounted controls, then changed it back.) Smart move Apple: The very first iPod ever revolutionized the world because of that circular control pad you can operate with a single finger. The Shuffle 1G was the simplest iPod ever to operate. So, welcome back Neo Retro Shuffle 3G! 30% leaner and meaner than ever before. Perfect. Again.

The iPod nano with Multi-Touch blows me away. Reducing over HALF its bulk to something that is literally just a color LCD display with a clip and a whole music library and FM radio razor-thinned in-between. Nothing short of brilliant design and world-class engineering the size of a cracker. I don't even need one, but I want one!

Oh, and can I now throw my half-pound Fuji digital camera away - Forever? Both front AND rear mounted cameras in the iPod Touch just rendered the need for casual photographers to ever own a stand-alone digital cam an utterly moot point. Music, Apps, Games and more - all in a package thinner than the thinnest digital camera you can buy any ways.

Portable Computer Speakers - For MacBook iPhone iPad

Ongoing trends in mobile and laptop computing has been consistent over the years; smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Unfortunately laptop and handheld audio has suffered as a result, with ever-smaller speaker drivers crammed into ever-tighter spaces.

For mobile presentation professionals or music lovers on the go, the best MacBook, iPhone or iPad external speakers embody great sound quality with compact portability. For many MacBook users, portable USB computer speakers fit the bill nicely, at their desktop - or on the road. Getting both power and pure digital stereo audio over a single cable, USB speakers can provide room-filling sound with the mere 5 volts of power from a laptop computer's USB port, no batteries required.

Quality matters: Well-engineered, sensitive driver cones in portable speakers can deliver surprising full-range frequency response in a small package if well designed. For maximum portability, look to 1-piece USB speakers for laptop computers with dual stereo drivers inside. For maximum sound quality and wide stereo separation, look to 2-piece systems. Either way, many are compact enough to be stored in your notebook's carry case. A thoughtfully chosen portable USB speaker system to let you hear what you've been missing.

As for iPad speakers? Unfortunately, the iPad table doesn't include a USB port. Even if used with the iPad Camera Connection Kit USB adapter, the iPad just doesn't have the voltage oomph on its dock port to drive USB speakers (or keyboards or hard drives for that matter) without a powered-USB hub in-between. The solution? Look to traditional battery-powered 1/8" Analog headphone jack speakers - or A2DP stereo portable Bluetooth speakers for iPad audio on the go.

Bluetooth TrackPad For Mac mini, iMac, Pro Towers Arrive

Full-Size Track Pad for Bluetooth Enabled Apple Desktop Computers

Nice to see Apple taking its highly advanced Multi-Touch pointing and guesture technology to desktop Macintosh users with it's recently released Apple Magic Trackpad input device. At around 5x5 inches it's notably larger than what's built into MacBook laptops - and designed to compliment Apple's wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

Somewhat like it's cousin, the revolutionary Magic Mouse (Which requires OSX 10.5.8 at a minimum) -- You have to be rather current with Mac OSX on an Intel Mac to use either of these sophisticated wireless Bluetooth input devices. No, unfortunately it is NOT pressure sensitive like Mac graphics tablets are, and no, it's not for use with iPad or iPhone input.

Redesigned 2010 Apple Mac Mini Gets More Things Right

Revisions to the new Mac mini line brings some welcome changes: A physical low-profile redesign that FINALLY HAS A BUILT-IN POWER SUPPLY to eliminate the kludgy brick we've all come to hate. It's shoulda been built-in from Day 1.

Mid 2010 Apple Mac mini product refresh

MP3 player and photo buffs will appreciated the addition of the Mac SD Card slow that's now standard on the Unibody MacBooks and Aluminum iMac. Its inclusion reduces the number of external USB 2.0 ports on the mini to 4. However, the slot's location at the rear of the mini is inconvenient at best.

Given the popularity of the mini as an HTPC media center, the addition of an HDMI video-TV port will certainly be welcomed. The new Mac mini design offers a far, far easier way to open up and upgrade the memory and hard drive - something which has long been an arduous task on previous models.

Along with incremental speed bump, hard drive capacity and CPU speed advancements - the NVidia graphics processor upgrade is most significant for the growing Mac gamer market.

All in all: The Mac mini is a fine product revision of it's desktop computer .

Top Mac Accessories : Combine and Consolidate

Our Mac Life demands more computer cables, wires, adapters and power transformers than most of us really want to deal with. But there's some interesting - and smartly designed - combo accessories for Apple users. These can help minimize and consolidate some of the tangle our desks have to cope with.

Everybody needs a Mac backup drive, and usuallly, a powered USB 2.0 high-speed hub. So why not combine the two into one?

3-Port USB Hub Drive Dock

For FreeAgent Model Drives
From Seagate

Matching FreeAgent Go Backup Drive

Choose 320Gb or 500Gb Drive

Mac mini owners in particular may find this 3-Port FireWire 400, 3-Port USB hub drive combo to compliment thier computer and expansion needs.

Iomega MiniMax Hub/Drive

1or 2 Terabyte Options

A top mac accessory pick that combines both a great set of 2.1 stereo speakers with a powered 3-Port USB hub continues to be Logitech's AudioHub thats a natural fit behind any MacBook (and sounds 10 times better!)

Hub + Speaker Combo

With Volume/Mute Control

Griffin Simplifi Hub - Dock - Reader
For iPod - iPhone

And for the millions of iPhone users - whether Mac or PC - Buffalo combines a Dock hard drive enabled with both FireWire 800 for backup - and USB to synch and recharge your iPhone or iPod Touch. 2 extra USB ports are avalable as well for other Mac gadgets.

Buffalo Dualie Dock

Backup, Sync and Charge

Enjoy TV On An iPad - Captured On Your Mac

With its large, high resolution display, watching TV on an iPad proves more enjoyable than on the smaller screen of an iPhone or iPod Touch. But regardless of which you own - it's all doable with free or low-cost apps from the iTunes App Store. Check out Equinux's Tube To Go or free Live TV app, or ElGato's $4.99 EyeTV app.

It all starts with a Mac compatible TV tuner to record and export your fave TV shows and movies on your Mac. Adding a USB HDTV tuner to your Apple computer opens up a world of television viewing enjoyment at your Mac desktop or laptop - or on the go!

iPad TV software - Mac EyeTV or TubeStick TV tuners

Your best tuner choices are the Equinux Tubestick TV Tuner for Mac (or PC) - or any number of tuner capture devices from ElGato such as the latest model; the 2010 EyeTV Hybridfor OSX (as wel as Window Media Center PCs.) Both offer ways to either remotely stream TV over WiFi or 3G -- or sync your recorded television content to your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone for TV enjoyment when you're out of range.