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Mac Computer Accessory And Peripheral Trends

Quarterly Apple Macintosh Sales
The sales numbers of Apple Macintosh systems have been quite healthy and relatively consistent the past few years. As of 2018 Apple continues to ship between four to five million Mac desktops and MacBooks each quarter. While there hasn't been steady upward growth - the stability has occurred in an industry where laptop and desktop PC system sales have collapsed in the face of a massive shift towards cellphone and tablet computing platforms. The Personal Computer isn't dead, but it's suffering as consumer's interests and wallets have headed in a highly mobile, handheld direction.

Increasingly Mobile Apple Users:

Sadly, this slump in traditional computing HAS had a drastic impact on more conventional desktop and laptop computer accessory makers. And that impacts the computer accessory market for Macintosh peripherals as well. Logitech has struggled recently - same can be said of Creative Labs and others - as sales dwindled and they had to retool their thinking and product lines to address an ever-more transportable and often battery powered, rechargeable, wireless, compact and lightweight product trends to adapt to mobile computing devices like the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Some of the categories most impacted by conventional PC and Mac computer accessory makers:

Computer Speakers:

Here Bluetooth (and to a lesser extent Wireless AirPlay) speakers rule the day as people want speaker systems that can move from room to room or take with them on the go. Rechargeable, compact and lightweight for use with any computing device. It's putting a lot of pressure on the desktop speaker market, that's for sure.

Mac & iOS Keyboards:

The trend here is towards a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that works on a Mac AS WELL AS A HANDHELD gadget like the iPad or iPhone when needed. Keyboards with on-key icons highlighting both OSX and iOS specific functions have an edge.

External Web Cameras:

Still an important market for those desktop and laptop users who need and want the versatility of an external, Mac compatible webcam. But the vast majority of personal computers being sold are laptops anyways, where a built-in webcam is standard issue.

Inkjet and Laser Printers:

These days, printers MUST by and large offer Wireless Wi-Fi and Apple AirPrint compatibility for mobile devices.

Desktop & Portable Scanners:

Already largely cannibalized by the All-In-One printer market, the selection of standalone flatbed scanners are in a noticeable decline. USB powered document scanners for mobile professionals - or scanning wands with built-in memory chip are more in demand for mobile users.

Mac Drive Storage:

The need for Mac data backup hasn't changed, and handheld devices data files are often synced and backed up from a traditional computer. Here, the bying trend is in cheap but faster USB 3.0 Portable Drives for Mac making up the lion's share of the market, with big full-size desktop hard drives appealing to a much smaller group of consumers.

SSD Drive Technology:

Whether it's USB 3.0 or ThunderBolt storage, the rapidly dropping cost of Mac compatible SSD drives is making the most out of these very high speed interfaces. With most Mac laptops and Macintosh desktops offering SSD or Apple Fusion solid-state / hard drive options, TimeMachine backups or OSX drive cloning is a breeze with ThunderBolt or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 external drives.

USB 3.0 Type-A To USB 3.1 Type-C Connections:

The transition to USB-C SuperSpeed+ PLUS has had a slow and rocky start. 12 Retina MacBooks featured the connector in early 2105 - and now it's Mid-2016 and Apple has yet to offer any other Mac models with USB-C ports.

Apple Handheld Gadgets vs MacBook And Mac Desktops

Mac Gizmo Guy
The personal computing landscape is dramatically shifting as traditional desktop and laptop computers come under pressure from handheld mobile computing devices like tablets and cell phones. The Apple iPad tablet, iPhone and iPod touch offer computing power and software sophistication undreamed of only a handful of years ago. In the past few years -- decades of dominance by the iMac, Mac mini and Macintosh Pro desktops and MacBook laptops now shrinks in the shadow of handheld mobile computing devices.

As long as they exist, MacGizmoGuy will always be about the MacBook portable and Macintosh desktop computing scene. The Apple world simply grew too big and diverse for one guy to cover everything iOS and OSX, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod and all the accompanying peripherals and accessories WELL. As such I'm staying focused where I have the most expertise - on conventional desktop and notebook computing. Four to Five Million Macs sold every quarter ain't nothing to sneeze at.

That said, I am mindful that even in the Mac world, nearly 3 out of 4 Mac users opt for a MacBook Pro or Air laptop. As such, I'm keenly interested in portable and mobile computing accessories with a mindful eye on those which ALSO WORK WELL WITH APPLE HANDHELD DEVICES so that your purchase decision and computer accessory investment can be leveraged across multiple Apple hardware gadgets. I juse didn't want to become what 'MacWorld' has become: More of an iWorld online publication that's less and less about Macintosh with each passing day. I didn't want to become an Apple tech blogger writing about the 20 new plastic iPhone cases released every day and bore you with bits of plastic that changes shape, size and color by the minute.

"All Mac - All The Time" has long been MacGizmoGuy's motto: And I'm sticking with it.

Redesigned 2010 Apple Mac Mini Gets More Things Right

Revisions to the new Mac mini line brings some welcome changes: A physical low-profile redesign that FINALLY HAS A BUILT-IN POWER SUPPLY to eliminate the kludgy brick we've all come to hate. It's shoulda been built-in from Day 1.

Mid 2010 Apple Mac mini product refresh

MP3 player and photo buffs will appreciated the addition of the Mac SD Card slow that's now standard on the Unibody MacBooks and Aluminum iMac. Its inclusion reduces the number of external USB 2.0 ports on the mini to 4. However, the slot's location at the rear of the mini is inconvenient at best.

Given the popularity of the mini as an HTPC media center, the addition of an HDMI video-TV port will certainly be welcomed. The new Mac mini design offers a far, far easier way to open up and upgrade the memory and hard drive - something which has long been an arduous task on previous models.

Along with incremental speed bump, hard drive capacity and CPU speed advancements - the NVidia graphics processor upgrade is most significant for the growing Mac gamer market.

All in all: The Mac mini is a fine product revision of it's desktop computer .

Mac-2-School : The Changing Student Laptop Landscape

With Apple shipping nearly TEN MILLION Macs a year - I dare say College campuses are experiencing a huge shift in Mac use as the numbers just keep growing. It all just goes way beyond Student deals on MacBooks, iPods & iPhones - They're becoming utterly interwoven into the Higher-Ed landscape.

Mac adoption was always higher in education, but something is tipping on the scales and I think the 2010 school year is a year where Apple computers - and ever more student's exposure to them is part of a SNOWBALL that's really only begun rolling. Cuz these kids are gonna take their love for Mac into thier internships and careers to follow. Think Apple's stuck at oh, say 10% marketshare in the US? Think again. Apple's well on it's way to Fifteen -- and then Twenty Million Macs a year - Mark MacGizmo's words...

New iMac, mini, Pro Tower Rumor Mongering

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Mac Gizmo Guy tries not to engage in Mac rumors... rather just speculate on the INEVITABLE APPLE PRODUCT REFRESHES that lurk on the horizon. The Aluminum iMacs are just spectacular computers as-is, any updates will likely be frosting on the frosting, though a QUAD-CORE iMac will be an ideal Pro Graphics Designer, CAD workstation, Video Editing powerhouse dream come true. In many ways the Dual-Core iMac models have supplanted the Pro Tower series for many many users - delivering 90% of the computing and graphics power for a fraction of the cost.

But WHERE'S THE NEW MAC mini??? It's just soooooooo long-overdue and neglected and in this tough American economy, Apple's most affordable Mac desperately-desperately needs to be refreshed and deliver more for less. Soon...

Well, today Apple delivered in spades: all 3 Desktop lines got revamped. Of note and a first for Apple: the Mac mini getting FIVE USB PORTS - which will eliminate the need for the clutter of an A/C powered USB hub for many. And thank god they KEPT FIREWIRE, but upped the speed to Fire Wire 800. Fortunately Firewire Adapters are readily available for about $12 to keep using older 6-pin Firewire gizmos.

Do you own a Desktop - Or a Laptop Mac? Why did you choose one over the other. Leave a comment...