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Why Apple's Apple MacBook STILL Rocks!

Apple revamped the MacBook recently, it's: Classic White MacBook
This 'Book delivers MORE VALUE in an Apple laptop than ever before - and delivers 85% of what you'd pay twice as much for getting a 'Pro' model. For about $975 shipped free from Amazon - This update delivers in spades: 2ghz Core 2 brain, LARGER 120gb drive, PLENTY OF MEMORY with 2gb RAM standard, a VASTLY BETTER GRAPHICS CHIP to please 3D gamers in particular, standard DVD-buring SuperDrive (finally!) - AND - retains the highly desirable FireWire 400 port for legacy drives, iSights and DV camcorders. In many ways it's a BETTER, MORE VERSATILE MAC than the sexier but pricier 2ghz Aluminum MacBook - for several hundred dollars less. Smart Money.