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All-In-One Printer-Fax-Scanners You Can Live With

Nearly every client of mine buys an All-In-One multifunction inkjet printer device. Which is unfortunate because some people really should just have a simple, straight-forward printer that doesn't overwhelm them. Did you know? Printing problems is the singularly most common computer problem my clients have! Printing. Multi-function devices compounds those problems exponentially.

But all-in-ones are great to have, space-saving and versatile. Unfortunately, many high-end models are over-kill and OVERWHELMING for most: With too many buttons, too many features, too complex of controls. Even those with the now-common LCD screen are a bear to navigate: "Over, over, down, right, enter, down, down, OK." All that just to get to a specific print, scan, or photo card transfer or whatnot. SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE - and the lower-cost All-In-Ones tend to be simpler, easier to use and more pleasant to live with on a day to day basis.

Tip: Do you REALLY need Fax functions? Cuz if you only send 1 or 2 faxes a YEAR -- a basic AIO without Fax functions will cost less, simplify the front panel and ease day to day operation considerably.

HP is my top-pick for any Mac user: The print quality, machine reliability, and very usable software add up to a smart buying decision. But there's a cutoff point. The easiest to use models are in the $69-129 range, and deliver the most bang for the buck without unecessary 'Buttonitis'. At the higher price tiers the complexity of Hewlett-Packard AIO's skyrockets, the number of front-panel buttons becomes easily overwhelming. So much so that video-tutorials are now built into the LCD panel.

Lexmark - is just substandard in print quality, though like HP, they use ink CARTRIDGES so you replace both the nozzles and tank at the same time. MacGizmo does like the fact that Lexmark is delivering the most affordable WIRELESS pritners and All-In-One devices that are Mac compatible; well under $100.

Brother Inkjets are tough to recommend - Their All-In-One Mac software is just VERY STRANGE and not very 'Mac-Like'. (Alothough I like Brother laser printers ALOT.)

Canon - I like Canon's product engineering. World class well-made hardware. But their Scan/Print software too is often not as Mac-Like as it should be. For years Canon used replaceable ink TANKS, but they too have switched to carts to improve consistency of output.

Epson - a tough call. I think well of Epson's scanning software. Still, I've advised so many Epson owners HOPELESSLY CLOGGED NOZZLE Epsons - to just cut your losses, throw them away after a year or two of service. Because you can easily spend another $40-60 in ink just to find out how hopelessly clogged your nozzels are. With Epson's print-head absolutely bolted to the railing, there's NO WAY to physically get at the gunked up nozzles. Give up! Surrender!

What's the BEST printer you've ever owned? Why? Leave a comment...