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Mac USB Hubs

Top Mac Accessories : Combine and Consolidate

Our Mac Life demands more computer cables, wires, adapters and power transformers than most of us really want to deal with. But there's some interesting - and smartly designed - combo accessories for Apple users. These can help minimize and consolidate some of the tangle our desks have to cope with.

Everybody needs a Mac backup drive, and usuallly, a powered USB 2.0 high-speed hub. So why not combine the two into one?

3-Port USB Hub Drive Dock

For FreeAgent Model Drives
From Seagate

Matching FreeAgent Go Backup Drive

Choose 320Gb or 500Gb Drive

Mac mini owners in particular may find this 3-Port FireWire 400, 3-Port USB hub drive combo to compliment thier computer and expansion needs.

Iomega MiniMax Hub/Drive

1or 2 Terabyte Options

A top mac accessory pick that combines both a great set of 2.1 stereo speakers with a powered 3-Port USB hub continues to be Logitech's AudioHub thats a natural fit behind any MacBook (and sounds 10 times better!)

Hub + Speaker Combo

With Volume/Mute Control

Griffin Simplifi Hub - Dock - Reader
For iPod - iPhone

And for the millions of iPhone users - whether Mac or PC - Buffalo combines a Dock hard drive enabled with both FireWire 800 for backup - and USB to synch and recharge your iPhone or iPod Touch. 2 extra USB ports are avalable as well for other Mac gadgets.

Buffalo Dualie Dock

Backup, Sync and Charge