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Best USB Speaker For MacBook? Edifier USB SoundBar

USB Speaker For Apple MacBook Audio

Look closely at what's under the front grille of this cleverly engineered USB powered portable laptop speaker from Edifier. In a sleek aluminum chassis that will compliment any Apple MacBook - they've manage to put multiple, very high-quality sound drivers into a slim 1.75" x 10" sound-bar that's easily transportable.

Mac Laptop Speaker

Sound-To-Go SoundBar

This all-in-one USB speaker is fully portable and features an elegantly brushed aluminum chassis and dark metal front grille. A USB cable provides both power and pure digital audio streaming from any Apple laptop or desktop Macintosh's USB port. On it's side is a 1/8" audio in jack - as well as a manual volume control button.The auxiliary device input also allows use of other devices like your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The Edifier Sound To Go features a 3 x 1¼ inch oblong passive radiator subwoofer, dual 1¼ inch mid-range drivers and a pair of 1¼  inch tweeters with a built in digital amplifier to provide exceptional audio volume and frequency response far better than a MacBook's built-in speakers.

For the past few year's I've used an IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speaker as my 13" MacBook Pro's sound system. That can be nice for the wider sound-separation the detachable speakers provide. And occasionally I did use it wirelessly across the room. But powering on and occasionally having to futz with Bluetooth Pairing and Apple's Sound Preference Pane could be intermittently frustrating. I've got a new MacBook Air with ThunderBolt and USB 3.0 ports on order - and to celebrate I've decided to try this USB computer speaker instead.