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Portable MacBook Accessories

Portable MacBook Printers, Scanners and Mobile Peripherals

With Mac laptops comprising more than 2 out of every 3 Macintosh computers being sold, the demand for insanely great Mac mobile accessories is booming. Along with the general trends in computing towards consolidation of components and miniaturization - it's easier to build more compact and light-weight computers and peripherals these days. It isn't that long ago that a 'portable' computer was like lugging around a sewing machine. And computer peripherals - even ones designed for Mac toting mobile professionals were the sort of thing you had to 'lug around' and not just 'pop' into a laptop bag.

Case in point: The best mobile printer for Mac to date now incorporates both USB and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and an integrated battery in a reasonably compact form-factor. It's a battery powered Mac compatible portable printer you can actually travel with.
MacBook Portable Printer with Bluetooth

Likewise: For those who need to scan on the road, the mobile MacBook scanner market has some slim, USB-powered photo and receipt scanning and document management devices to help you chew through paperwork at the press of a scan button.
USB powered scanner for Mac OSX

Not all Mac laptop users need these kind of self or battery-powered travel accessories to print and scan ANYWHERE. But for certain business users who 'just-gotta' get it done, get that signed contract scanned and sent to the corporate office, or those documents or invoices scanned and printed as proof, these portable computer accessories fit the bill.