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Printers For Mac OSX

Shopping For A Mac Compatible Printer Solution

Macintosh Compatible Printer
Typically one of the first and most important peripherals new Apple Macintosh computer buyers are most likely to want is a Mac compatible printer for their hard copy needs. With literally hundreds of print drivers now included with OSX Lion and Leopard, printing compatibility is largely automatic for all but the most recent latest printer models.

With Apple's rapidly exploding market-share - and proprietary Mac-specific printer interfaces a thing of the past, Apple's full embrace of industry standards have decidedly made choosing a printer for your Apple iMac, Mac Pro tower, MacBook laptop or Mac mini far, far easier than ever before. A few simple things should assist Apple users determine the optimal printing solution:

Type of Interface Connectivity - USB is the most common way to connect a printing peripheral. A network Ethernet printer port is ideal for shared and business office settings. But Apple users have a notable affinity for Wi-Fi wireless gadgets. There are now many affordable wireless printers for Mac that don't tie one to a desktop.

What Kind Of Output - Are you needing plain-paper or photo-quality prints for iPhoto and other Macintosh graphics applications? Pro and Amateur Photographers will most definitely want photo ink-jets with 6 or more tanks for top-quality photo reproduction on photo-grade archival papers.

Cost Of Printed Output - Nothing beats a simple Black and White Mac compatible laser printer for lowest per-page output. But recent price drops can let you find the best color laser for Mac for well under $200, less than many B&W models used to cost.

Printer Portability - A few vendors such as HP and Canon make battery-powered options for printing on the go. Review these portable MacBook printer vendors for laptop travel needs.