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USB-C Drive Enclosure For MacBook : USB 3.1 Type-C Drive Case

USB 3.1 Drive Enclosure For Mac
Shopping for a USB 3.1 Type-C interface USB-C external drive enclosure to build your own DIY USB-C MacBook backup drive? Here's a currently-shipping USB-C drive case that's ready for the SuperSpeed Plus USBC future on the Apple platform.

Akitio is the first manufacturer to come out with a sleek and stylish aluminum 2.5" SATA III laptop drive case with a native USB-C port designed to fully leverage the potential 10Gbps bandwidth of the SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Gen 2 computer device specification.

Akitio Type-C USB 3.1 Drive Enclosure

Reversible USB-C Port On Rear + UASP Support

This USB-C disk enclosure is optimal for solid-state SSD drives. It allows the full bandwidth of 6Gbps SATA III SSD's to perform at their peak rates. Visit this Apple compatible solid-state storage recommendations site for top-performing SSD's ideal for Mac users. UASP protocol support ensures far more efficient USB 3.1 data transfers for SSD's than the inefficient BOT protocol of previous generation drive chipsets. It also supports up to 12.5mm thick, high-capacity HDD drives if storage capacity - and not speed - is your primary concern. Note that UASP really doesn't benefit mechanical hard drive transfer rates, this Akitio drive case really shines when paired with flash memory storage.