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CES 2012 And USB 3.0 For Mac - The Road Ahead

The 2012 CES Consumer Electronics Show opens in Las Vegas this week - And MacWorld Expo 2012 follows up at the end of the month. Many of the things announced and displayed at CES give a hint to where Apple technology will be leaning in the year ahead. I'm betting USB 3.0 will finally make it to the Mac - and take it's rightful place alongside the ThunderBolt ports Apple's been implementing across their computer line.
USB 3.0 Mac
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is a technological inevitability that will find its place on billions of computers and consumer electronic devices by the end of the decade. But it's mass adoption has largely been stalled-out by heel-dragging on the part of Intel and Apple. Although hundreds of USB3 hard drives and peripherals are already available, without direct logic-board support for built-in USB3 ports, the market has struggled for years to attain critical mass. But that's about to change with Intel's upcoming Ivy-Bridge chipset with direct onboard support for USB 3.0 in the chipset. We'll see both Macs and Windows PC with USB3 ports as standard equipment on nearly all new mid and high-end computers by year's end.

5GBps USB 3.0 offers up to 10 times the bandwidth of the aging USB 2.0 specification. But it's benefits go beyond that with battery-saving power modes for more efficiency in portable devices, more milliamps to self-power hungrier USB gadgets, and most importantly - it preserves backward compatibility with legacy USB 1.1 and 2.0 peripherals. Low-Speed, High-Speed, Super-Speed can all share a USB 3.0 port or hub, and co-exist with their bandwidth differences peacefully.

For more demanding needs we'll have 10GBps ThunderBolt accessories to handle truly data-intensive computing scenarios, especially in the enterprise and professional audio and video production environments. However technically superior ThunderBolt may be, it will still be dwarfed by what the average Mac computer user wants and needs: Cheap, familiar, faster and backward compatible gadget technology. And that's exactly what SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is going to deliver in the months ahead.