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Cheapest USB 3.0 External SSD Backup Drive For Mac

Shopping for a fast and cheap external USB 3.0 SSD drive for Mac TimeMachine use and data transfers? AData offers one of the cheapest USB3 solid-state backup drives available. With 240GB of capacity and Read/Write speeds of up to 410 MB/s is a great and affordable choice for MacBook laptop and Macintosh desktop computer owners wanting an extremely FAST and incredibly CHEAP SSD backup drive on a budget.

AData External USB3 SSD Drive

240GB Solid-State Drive For Macs

In the past year, solid-state flash memory drive prices have plummeted - even in high-capacity drives pushing 512MB, 1 Terabyte, and now 2TB drives are getting ridiculously cheap. Before you ponder a HDD hard-disk backup solution, if your storage needs are modest, you'll find 128GB to 256GB SSD backup drives for Mac delivering blazing fast performance at insanely low prices.