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FASTEST USB Flash Drive For Mac With SSD Speeds

One of the fastest Mac compatible flash drives money can buy is this high-performance Apple friendly USB 3.0 flash drive from VisionTek. With Read/Write speeds in the 445/373 MB/s range respectively, the XT Pocket SSD it makes fast work of backing up or copying files to and from any MacBook, iMac, Mac mini or Pro with USB 3/x ports fast and affordable.

Ultra-Fast Mac Flash Drive

SSD Speed Flash Memory Thumb Drive

Few flash drives incorporate the advanced controller circuitry to deliver SSD-like performance in a slim, keychain drive form factor.That nakes it one of the fastest Mac flash drives we've ever seen. No only is the VisionTek XT pocket SSD keychain drive insanely fast, it's also very, very competitively priced in 128GB to 1TB capacities.