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Tritton Improves Sound Bite Portable USB Speaker

The original SoundBite USB travel speaker was already a world-class product that produced GREAT sound you could hold in the palm of your hand. Now with the next iteration: The xTreme takes mobile travel speakers to the next level. USB bus-powered convenience with both pure digital 2.1 stereo audio and power all from a single USB cable.
Tritton SoundBite Speaker
TRITON Sound Bite eXtreme USB speaker TRI-UA212
The Sound Bite Xtreme USB w/ MP3 Input & Headphone Jack: This best-selling mini speaker with 52mm sub-woofer is now even better: It features a sleek black redesign with side-mounted volume control and optional headphone-out jack -- AND -- MP3 stereo input jack. Note the tweeters are now protected from curious pokey-poke fingers with a metal grille. Nice! The original SoundByte model (which I owned myself for several years - and think very highly of) has long been a deserved best-seller at my Portable Computer Speakers website.

Kudo's to Tritton Technologies for improving an already great product with your smart, thoughtful engineering and high-quality speaker drivers! For those of you frustrated and disappointed with the abysmal speakers built-in to your MacBook-Pro, this is a fantastic upgrade. ((also available at NewEgg). Oh and did I mention the speaker's USB cable stores neatly in the base? This is exactly what happens when too many corporate brains really sit down and focus on what a customer might want, or need!

What Mac speaker system do YOU own? What do you love about it, what dissappoints you? Leave a comment...