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10.6 Killer Snow Leopard Enhancements You'll LOVE

Apple made it quite clear: The next version of OS X 10.6 is ONLY for Intel-based Macintosh computers - and this 10.6 upcoming version of '"Snow" Leopard is about focusing on things 'under the hood' and not a skrillion of new features piled ontop of OS X. And that's a good thing. Here's why:

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Snow Leopard Upgrade For INTEL Macs

1. It's optimized for Intel Core family processors only. It will eat far less disk of your shrinking disk space by eliminating a TON of code written to check for and load instructions for previous generation G4 and G5 Power PC processors.

2. It will run FASTER on your existing Mac by eliminating much of the above code and CPU cycles wasted checking for, conditionally branching to, and tripping-over older legacy CPU code. As popular programs get updated for Intel-only, they too will be smaller and faster.

3. It's "Grand Central" multi-core technology is going to make far more efficient use of Intel Core Duo processors. The Snow operating system itself will be far more saavy and efficient in handling multiple tasks -- And application developers will benefit with easier and faster implementation of their most CPU intensive code.

4. 64-Bit technology allows a Mac to address a HUGE amount of RAM memory: Up to 16TB - TERABYTES. Few of us need that, few applications need to exploit that, few of us could even AFFORD that much memory. But it's there for massive sets of data that Mac can chew on without having to resort to poky old virtual memory sitting on a hard disk drive.

5. QuickTime X and it's enhanced codecs are going to play back video smoother, at better quality. Decoding, encoding and transcoding video files will be faster and more efficient - something that's desperately needed for one of the most intensive processes we subject our computers to.

6. Perhaps most interesting: Open CL (Open Computing Language) will allow Snow Leopard to leverage the the enormous computational horsepower modern Graphics card chips are capable of. Your Mac's graphics chip can become a 'Co-Processor' to handle certain types of tasks more smoothly - relieving your CPU from having to do ALL the heavy lifting.

7. Snow Leopard's JavaScript will get a great performance boost for web applications - the fastest JS interpretation we've seen yet. This means good things for some very powerful and complex applications that can run right inside a Safari browser window.

8. Microsoft Exchange support built-in will matter a lot to Enterprise, Business and Education users who's mail system runs on Exchange Server - whether they're accessing it at their desktop - or on an iPhone.

9. Although Apple is (pre)marketing Snow Leopard as more of a technology enhancement upgrade rather than touting adding hundreds of new features as they have in the past: You'll be glad they spent the time reinforcing the foundation of OS X's truly state of the art operating system. Still, there are a handful of new features of note: a slick new QuickTime Player interface, improved implementation of Stack navigation - and some eye-candy to shine up the Finder and Desktop.

10. You'll love Snow Leopard 'cuz it's going to *FEEL* LIKE GETTING A NEW COMPUTER!

10.6 ??? Well, this may not deserve a full point. 'Cuz you may find you have to move up to an Intel MacBook, Pro, iMac or Mac Mini computer to even be able to run Snow Leopard and take full advantage of all it's benefits. BUMMER! But hey --10 out of 10.6 ain't bad.

Normally, MacGizmoGuy prefers not to yap about Mac stuff you can't buy yet... But Snow Lepoard (even if you misspell it) is worth planning ahead for.

Do you look forward to OS X upgrades? Do you feel it's worth the $129? Leave a comment...