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Portable Computer Speakers - For MacBook iPhone iPad

Ongoing trends in mobile and laptop computing has been consistent over the years; smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Unfortunately laptop and handheld audio has suffered as a result, with ever-smaller speaker drivers crammed into ever-tighter spaces.

For mobile presentation professionals or music lovers on the go, the best MacBook, iPhone or iPad external speakers embody great sound quality with compact portability. For many MacBook users, portable USB computer speakers fit the bill nicely, at their desktop - or on the road. Getting both power and pure digital stereo audio over a single cable, USB speakers can provide room-filling sound with the mere 5 volts of power from a laptop computer's USB port, no batteries required.

Quality matters: Well-engineered, sensitive driver cones in portable speakers can deliver surprising full-range frequency response in a small package if well designed. For maximum portability, look to 1-piece USB speakers for laptop computers with dual stereo drivers inside. For maximum sound quality and wide stereo separation, look to 2-piece systems. Either way, many are compact enough to be stored in your notebook's carry case. A thoughtfully chosen portable USB speaker system to let you hear what you've been missing.

As for iPad speakers? Unfortunately, the iPad table doesn't include a USB port. Even if used with the iPad Camera Connection Kit USB adapter, the iPad just doesn't have the voltage oomph on its dock port to drive USB speakers (or keyboards or hard drives for that matter) without a powered-USB hub in-between. The solution? Look to traditional battery-powered 1/8" Analog headphone jack speakers - or A2DP stereo portable Bluetooth speakers for iPad audio on the go.