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Enjoy TV On An iPad - Captured On Your Mac

With its large, high resolution display, watching TV on an iPad proves more enjoyable than on the smaller screen of an iPhone or iPod Touch. But regardless of which you own - it's all doable with free or low-cost apps from the iTunes App Store. Check out Equinux's Tube To Go or free Live TV app, or ElGato's $4.99 EyeTV app.

It all starts with a Mac compatible TV tuner to record and export your fave TV shows and movies on your Mac. Adding a USB HDTV tuner to your Apple computer opens up a world of television viewing enjoyment at your Mac desktop or laptop - or on the go!

iPad TV software - Mac EyeTV or TubeStick TV tuners

Your best tuner choices are the Equinux Tubestick TV Tuner for Mac (or PC) - or any number of tuner capture devices from ElGato such as the latest model; the 2010 EyeTV Hybridfor OSX (as wel as Window Media Center PCs.) Both offer ways to either remotely stream TV over WiFi or 3G -- or sync your recorded television content to your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone for TV enjoyment when you're out of range.