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micro shuffle

New iPod Lineup : Compelling Updates From Apple

Some VERY interesting twists on Apple's revamped iPod linueup unveiled this week. They surprised even me with every model and improvement. Excellent gifts for Back-To-School or for Holiday gift giving. Think the iPod is dying? Think Different. Again:

Hail the return of the iPod shuffle to its original clip-on form-factor. (It was the perfect consumer product in the first place, they foolishly changed it to headphone cord mounted controls, then changed it back.) Smart move Apple: The very first iPod ever revolutionized the world because of that circular control pad you can operate with a single finger. The Shuffle 1G was the simplest iPod ever to operate. So, welcome back Neo Retro Shuffle 3G! 30% leaner and meaner than ever before. Perfect. Again.

The iPod nano with Multi-Touch blows me away. Reducing over HALF its bulk to something that is literally just a color LCD display with a clip and a whole music library and FM radio razor-thinned in-between. Nothing short of brilliant design and world-class engineering the size of a cracker. I don't even need one, but I want one!

Oh, and can I now throw my half-pound Fuji digital camera away - Forever? Both front AND rear mounted cameras in the iPod Touch just rendered the need for casual photographers to ever own a stand-alone digital cam an utterly moot point. Music, Apps, Games and more - all in a package thinner than the thinnest digital camera you can buy any ways.