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Redesigned 2010 Apple Mac Mini Gets More Things Right

Revisions to the new Mac mini line brings some welcome changes: A physical low-profile redesign that FINALLY HAS A BUILT-IN POWER SUPPLY to eliminate the kludgy brick we've all come to hate. It's shoulda been built-in from Day 1.

Mid 2010 Apple Mac mini product refresh

MP3 player and photo buffs will appreciated the addition of the Mac SD Card slow that's now standard on the Unibody MacBooks and Aluminum iMac. Its inclusion reduces the number of external USB 2.0 ports on the mini to 4. However, the slot's location at the rear of the mini is inconvenient at best.

Given the popularity of the mini as an HTPC media center, the addition of an HDMI video-TV port will certainly be welcomed. The new Mac mini design offers a far, far easier way to open up and upgrade the memory and hard drive - something which has long been an arduous task on previous models.

Along with incremental speed bump, hard drive capacity and CPU speed advancements - the NVidia graphics processor upgrade is most significant for the growing Mac gamer market.

All in all: The Mac mini is a fine product revision of it's desktop computer .