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The Day The Macintosh Computer Became A Computer Peripheral... For The iPhone

I didn't see this coming -- Not even with the iPod's amazing success as it's sales numbers began to outstrip sales of Mac computers. But something happened with the iPhone once it passed 10 Million... and it didn't take long... somehow the Apple Macintosh computing platform we've stood by for a quarter of a century has in many ways simply become a convenient add-on ACCESSORY that any iPhone user will enjoy to complete their iPhone purchase.

Apple's free iPhone 3.0 Software Update will make it clear: When you put THAT much computing power, THAT sophisticated of an OSX operating system, THAT huge selection of applications, on THAT large of a screen, with THAT easy to use input device known as your finger together -- You have a major computing platform that you can truly hold in the palm of your hand. I've had clients who actually used an iPhone for weeks on end before they actually got around to using it as something more than a loaded cell phone itself -- and finally got around to getting help syncing it up to 'the other stuff' that they eventually wanted to: from their computer.

Imagine that. The laptop or desktop computer simply became a really-cool add-on gizmo that unlocked even more value in the cellular phone they bought. I never thought I'd see the day when iPhone sales outstripped Mac's 10 to 1 - and now the Mac is just a passenger in the backseat of a bus rolling down a mountainside, down a landslide of iPhone sales. FYI: HandHelditems specializes in a staggering array of accessories for mobile 'pod and cellular folk.

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