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10Gbps USB 3.1 vs ThunderBolt - The War Few Care About

Literally, within hours of the USB Consortium's official announcement about the standardization of the upgraded USB 3.1 specification to 10Gbps data transfer rates, the tech columnists and bloggers of the world promptly, predictably and prematurely declared ThunderBolt interface at war, dying, dead. It's all so cliche' I want to puke. Never mind the fact that there won't be any USB 3.1 ports or gadgets to plug into them for another year or two. They're already counting the dead bodies and detailing the 'fatal blows' before any have occured.

Computing technology isn't set on a 'battle ground'. It's simply a landscape for emerging, existing, aging and fading technologies that cycles through some very logical progressions, serves specific computing needs and is eventually supersceeded by 'The Next Thing' that does it better, faster, more efficiently and ulltimately cheaper.

This false 'War' between ThunderBolt vs USB 3.0, or ThunderBolt II vs USB 3.1 doesn't resonate in the least with MOST consumers. Spec driven tech GEEKS may be important early adopters and cheerleaders, but little of this matters to a computing technology consumer who just 'plugs gadgets in' and doesn't give a damn about what's under the hood.

USB in general - USB 3.0 in fact, and USB 3.1 in particular will resonate with consumers for 1 reason above all others: Any given USB gadget will simply be CHEAPER than it's ThunderBolt equivalent. So if you want a gadget war, the war is always won on price for the cheapskates, and won on time-is-money technical prowess to the Professional, Business and Enterprise markets.