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MacGizmoGuy shares which popular Macintosh applications are the smart-buy. These top-selling Mac programs to help you 'Get-R-Done', have fun, secure and protect your Mac's data, and let you share your world, creativity and ideas with others. Although the Apple App Store is now part of MacOS Sierra, ElCapitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard, Amazon is agressively countering with The Mac Software Store of it's own for both boxed retail and a large number of downloadable software titles at prices often lower than the Apple App Store.

Explore and take a look at this list of Best Selling Mac Software Programs - There's a reason why these OSX applications for Macintosh rise to the top. They address common computing needs, are powerful, well-written, and fun to use.

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BIG changes came to Microsoft Office For Mac OSX as MS transitions towards a SUBSCRIPTION MODEL of renting the Office 365 Suite For OSX on a $69-$99 annual basis.

Mac Microsoft Office 365 Personal Subscription

Microsoft Office 2011 Single User Student Edition
Office 2011 For Mac - Student Edition
Big Changes in 2011 - The Student Edition no longer includes liscences for up to 3 Macs. And Entourage is NOT part of this bundle! $119 MRSP.

Mac Office Home & Business 2011
Here, email is included as Entourage transitions (finally) to Outlook which is now fully compatible with the Windows version. Especially for cross-platform businesses - we've been waiting for a true full-featured Mac version of Outlook. It's finally here. MSRP $199.

WHY? You need FULL-Compatibility with the world's most common document formats. And MORE IMPORTANTLY with Microsoft's new XML format files: Word .DOCX Excel .XLSX and PowerPoint's .PPTX formats. Without Office 2008, you will have problems opening certain files. The reality is most 'Office Compatible' programs like Apple's iWork or AppleWorks or others often can't and don't open/print/display all Office files perfectly.


Best Mac Tax Preparation Software

Want an early start importing last year'ss taxes and estimating your tax burden? Here's the core version of TurboTax Deluxe Fed + State + eFile for 2014 tax year. ** Note Intuit CHANGED things: The Deluxe version no longer handles SCHEDULE-C for self employed businesses! You need to upgrade to the higher-priced "Home & Business" version to file a Schedule-C now. Arrrgh!

Best Tax Software For Mac

Download TurboTax 2014 For OSX

Last Year Screw-Up? You can still download the previous year's Mac TurboTax 2013 Federal and State Deluxe edition to correct and amend a full 1040, Schedule C for self-employed, and more. Federal + State Edition (2013 Tax Year)

For Do-It-Yourselfers, nobody makes tax preparation on the Mac so easy. Intuit now bundles the Windows and Mac version of Turbo Tax in the same retail box to simplify purchase - Though most choose to simply download the correct version these days... Often the higher-end TurboTax packages may have more hand-holding fluff than substance, but a Home & Business Edition has additional features for small biz environments with employees, business specific deduction assistance and more. The majority of Apple users will find the DELUXE version with Fed and State filing to be the right choice.

As an alternative, H&R Block Tax Software for Mac OSX costs a bit less and is a somewhat more affordable way to do taxes on your Apple computer. In 2014, they're just calling it 'Tax Software' after being called 'Tax Cut' for nearly a decade and then switching to the rather meaningless 'At Home' for a few years.

H & R Block Tax Software 2014

Deluxe Fed + State Edition

Either way, once you find a Mac tax program you like, it's smart to stick with with it year after year, each program can read in last-year's info to save you alot of typing.

QUICKEN FOR MAC IS DEAD: Go Broke Slower, Get Rich Quicker with iBank

Best Mac Money Management App

iBank Financial Software For Mac

For money management, Intuit's Quicken been the de-facto standard for many, many years. But Intuit always struggled keeping Quicken for Mac on a par with the Windows PC versions. Then a total rewrite of the program as Quicken ESSENTIALS frustrated alot of Mac users simply GAVE UP - and switched to iBank. For many, iBank does what Quicken used to do properly. They switched - LOVE IT - and never looked back.

Small Biz Accounting Software For Mac

Thanks to Apple's rapidly exploding market-share and growing strength of the Macintosh platform, Intuit had good reason to keep an ever-growing number of QuickBooks users happy with committed OSX software development. QuickBooks for Mac is as popular as ever with small business owners:

2015 QuickBooks For Mac

Invoices, Taxes and More
Small businesses may need more fully featured accounting software horsepower: Step up to the latest QuickBooks Mac 2015 to manage business income, expenses and deductions. Unlike Quicken which languished under Intuit's neglect, QuickBooks for Mac has gotten the corporate and programming attention it needs to be a serious piece of powerful business software for Mac OSX.


Electronic Arts SPORE for Mac
Spore is the sort of game you can GROW with over time, with add-on packs to customise, grow and expand your game characters and worlds.


Hoyle Puzzles

150+ Hoyle Card Games 2009
For $20 or Less, Hoyle games for Mac can give you years of entertainment and a huge variety to choose from within each package. Whether you're a card-shark, a gambler, or puzzle-brainiac -- HOURS of fun for pennies per game.

Hoyle Casino 2008


Disk Warrior 4 Is The Utility To Buy
Unlike ANY other disk-utility, MacGizmo has SAVED PEOPLE'S DATA with DiskWarrior when other programs could NOT. Use it once in a crisis and it will pay for itself many times over. When a drive has serious directory problems, Disk Warrior can either save it, let you salvage and copy the data if possible - or clearly let you know - DATA RECOVERY IS BASICALL HOPELESS. If so, it's time to rebuild your Mac life. In a nutshell: the ONLY meaningful drive help you need beyond Apple's own free Disk Utility app.

Do You Need Norton AntiVirus 11?
It's really debateable whether Apple user's GOT to have anti-virus protetction on their Macs. But if you sling Office documents around with PC users often, are in a cross-platform shop, or want peace of mind, STAY ABSOLUTELY CURRENT with Norton AV for Mac and run updates often - and sleep better. With Apple's increasing market-share, the relative safety from viruses and Mac trojan-horse threats we've enjoyed for years... probably isn't going to last much longer. But MacGizmos last words? Remember: With a complete external hard drive clone or backup of your Mac data - you can recover from any crisis.


Intel Mac owners will want the latest, greatest image editing powerhouse on the cheap.

PhotoShop Elements Mac Version 13
Simply put: NO other graphics program give you the precision control, the sophisticated selection tools borrowed from Adobe's high-end Photoshop, the ability to alter and ajust images with this much finesse! There's other interesting graphics editors for Mac - but NONE with the refined power this low-cost cheap version of Photoshop for Mac has.


Desktop Publishing extraordinare. The Print Shop Mac 2.0 does it all.
Broderbund has sold The PrintShop for decades - for both PC and Mac and this version is just world class PRINT ANYTHING from labels to cards to calendars to signs, biz cards. Nobody makes layout easier. TIP: Only buy the 2.0 version! Earlier versions just won't run right and will crash on Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard.

Alternately, the lower-cost Print Explosion v.3 for Mac
A worthy competitor to Print Shop - Nova Development's PrintExplosion has been around for many years and is a mature, easy to use OSX app that makes it ridiculously simple layout text and graphics - and with brain-dead simple "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE? LET'S GET STARTED!" Wizards and Templates to do half the work for you.


The relentless evolution of computer hardware technology often drags the world of Mac software along with it. There are times when you really MUST upgrade your Macintosh software to stay current and in the game - and other times when you you simply needn't be bothered with the expense of a newer version for a few ho-hum features you might not need in your Mac life. As we move from OSX Yosemite to OS X El Capitan soon -- we may need to budget for updates to our critical Apple applications to keep up. The bottom line: If it ain't broke (or too buggy) - don't fix it. But if updates cause your Mac programs to lock and freeze or refuse to launch. Don't stay frozen in the past: Update your Mac software library when and where prudent.