Best MacBook Air Accessories For Apple Laptops

Top-Selling Accessories For MacBook Air

Shopping for the best Mac compatible Air laptop peripherals for your mobile computing needs? For Air MacBook owners, we've specifically chosen some of the most ultra-compact and lightweight gadgets in keeping with the Air's ultra-slim mobile computing advantages. Sometimes less is more for maximum portability

Laptop Cases For MacBook Air

We recommend laptop cases that are designed specifically for MacBook Airs. You may find generic 11" or 13" netbook, ultrabook, or laptop sleeves and cases at Office Depot, Office Max or BestBuy but often they aren't optimally sized for Apple laptops ensuring a truly snug, safe fit. A laptop SLEEVE may be fine for fully-charged day use, but a CASE will ually offer additional side pockets for carrying more than just the MacBook itself.

Portable Backup Drives For MacBook Air

Air MacBook laptops may offer USB 2.0/3.0 or ThunderBolt interface options for data backups. Some have a SD card slot on certain models. You may find a USB Flash Drive to be ideal minimalism, or consider a 'Pocket Drive' that's even smaller than the average 'Portable'.

Portable Speakers For MacBook Air

There's almost too many Mac compatible laptop speakers to choose from. 1-Piece travel speakers are the way to go, but many are far too chunky and bulky to be ideal for Air users on the go. Our top choice in a battery-free, USB powered speaker is the Kinivo clip-on USB soundbar that delivers 3 times the sound volume and much wider frequency response than your Air's internal speaker while maintaining ultimate portability.

Kinivo USB SoundBar

1-Cable For Audio & Power

Portable Printer For MacBook Air

Select Mac laptop owners may need to print on the road. For some, mobile printing may be essential. HP and Cannon offer portable printers worth pondering. Canon just released the WiFi enabled AirPrint compatible portable laptop printer, the IP110 for the road warrior needing mobile print capabilities.

Portable MacBook Printer

Wireless AirPrint Printing

DVD Drive For MacBook Air

To keep them ultra-thin and portable, the MacBook Air has never had a built-in CD/DVD burner - and many users no longer need one. For an external CD/DVD drive, you have the option of an Apple brand 'SuperDrive' or one of any number of lower-priced Mac compatible slim USB powered CD/DVD drives at a far better price. Here's our pick for a cheap alternative:

Mac Compatible DVD Burner

USB Powered Asus UltraDrive

Headset For MacBook Air

For private music enjoyment, Skype calls or for Apple Dictation and speech recognition, a dedicated, portable, and foldable headset may be desired.

Portable Webcam For MacBook Air

All MacBook Air's contain a built-in iSight or iSight HD webcam, but the limited camera angles can be very frustrating. A Mac compatible external USB webcam can deliver a more flexible video conferencing experience. Logitech's C615is a compact, foldable, portable HD web camera you can tuck away in your Air's laptop case unobtrusively to improve your online chat experience.

Portable Microphone For MacBook Air

Those serious about very high-quality audio recording on a Mac Air laptop should consider a portable USB microphone for higher-fidelity sound capture needs. Compact travel mics designed with portability in mind do exist.

Portable USB Hub For MacBook Air

While early models only had a single USB 2.0 port, more recent Air MacBook models have dual USB ports, the latest supporting USB 3.0 peripherals. If you're shopping for a small USB travel hub, we recommend you choose a USB 3.0 speed hub for a long future of use with backward compatibility for gadgets old or new.