Best MacBook Pro Accessories For Apple Laptops

Top-Selling Accessories For MacBook Pro

Shopping for the best Mac compatible laptop peripherals for your mobile computing needs? Here are some of our top suggestions fro Pro MacBook owners who want to maximize thier computer capabilities on the go - or at their desktop.

Laptop Cases For MacBook Pro

The best laptop cases to buy are designed specifically for MacBook Pros, and often not just generic types for 13" or 15" laptops.

Portable Backup Drives For MacBook Pro

128GB SDXC Card

Designed For MacBooks

Pro MacBook laptops offer a variety of connectivity options for backing up your data - Whether it's via USB, ThunderBolt, or even an SD card slot. With the high density of solid-state flash memory, the notion of toting a clunky conventional portable backup drive the size of a deck of cards isn't needed anymore. A feather-light SDXC card or USB thumb drive may be all you really need.

Portable Speakers For MacBook Pro

USB Powered Soundbar

Edifier 250+ Laptop Speaker

There's an overwhelming number of Mac compatible speaker systems to choose from whether they're wired Analog or USB digital, Bluetooth or even WiFi airplay wireless.

Portable Printer For MacBook Pro

Mobile MacBook Printing

Portable HP Print And Scan

Not all Mac laptop users need to print on the road, but for some a battery-powered mobile printer is essential. For a best of both world's experience the HP OfficeJet 150 offers BOTH USB and Bluetooth printing AND scanning - a step up from it's print-only sibling the HP 100 or Canon's IP100 mobile photo printer.

DVD Drive For MacBook Pro

Apple Compatible DVD Drive

Cheap USB SuperDrive Replacement

Depending on the model and year of your MacBook Pro you may or may not have a built-in CD/DVD burner. Apple sells it's own USB powered external 'SuperDrive', but if you rarely use a CD/DVD disc, there are far, far cheaper Mac compatible USB DVD burners that cost half as much.

Headset For MacBook Pro

Plantronics Micro Headset

USB Stereo Earbuds w/Remote

For personal music listening a set of stereo earbuds may be ideal. But for Skype calls and conferencing, voice recording, or Apple Dictation needs, Plantronics Blackwire USB headset is an ultra-light travel companion ideal for MacBook users.

Portable Webcam For MacBook Pro

HD Laptop Webcam

Folds Flat For Travel

All MacBook's contain a built-in iSight webcam, but the camera angles are severly constrained by being integrated into the MacBook's screen. The Mac compatible C615 from Logitech is designed for portability and a more versatile and higher resolution camera than a built-in iSight.

Portable Microphone For MacBook Pro

USB Laptop Microphone

High-Quality Sound Capture

Those serious about very high-quality sound recording on thier Mac Pro laptop might consider a small, portable USB mic for higher-fidelity audio capture. Of the handful of laptop USB microphones designed for portability, we recommend the Blue Microphones Tiki condender mic for superior audio recording.

Portable USB Hub For MacBook Pro

USB3 Laptop Hub Combo

Built-In SD Card Reader

All Pro MacBook laptops have two USB ports, with newer models supporitng SuperSpeed USB 3.0 gadgets. If you're in the market for a compact travel hub we recommend you future-proof your purchase and opt for USB 3.0 compatible hub regardless. Of the portable, Mac powered USB hubs we recommend consider the added benefit of a built-in SD, SDHC, SDXC card reader.