The Best Cheap Mac Peripherals By Category

Decent Low-Cost Apple Accessories

MacGizmoGuy excels at finding the best Macintosh peripherals and accessories available to help you have an Insanely Great Apple computer experience. However, some of us are on a tight budget and seek out what might be the best but cheapest backup storage device to compliment their Mac computing setup without damaging their wallet. Here's some low-cost peripheral recommendations.

Cheapest Mac Inkjet Printers

The best and cheapest Mac ink jet printer costs only around $50 an delivers B&W or color photos/prints in a jiffy

Lowest-Cost Color Mac Inkjet Printer

USB Connectivity : USB Cable NOT Included

Cheapest Mac Laser Printers

The best and cheap monochrome laser printer for Mac can spit out black on white pages at a very low cost per-page. When color doesn't matter, and grayscale is good enough, a thrifty choice is a compact bargain priced laser printer.

Cheap Mac & iOS Laser Printer Under $100

USB and Eaasy Wireless Wi-Fi Connectivity

Cheapest Mac All-In-One Printers

The best cheap multifunction AIO printer for Mac and iOS gadgets costs well under $100 and is a great solution for all your print / scan / copy needs.

Epson All-In-One Mac Inkjet Multi-Function

Cheap Mac OSX Printing : Scanning : Copying Peripheral

Cheapest Mac Scanns

The best cheap scanner for Mac can handle it all. Though often now integrated into All-In-One printers, some prefer a dedicated Apple compatible flatbed or mobile scanner to grab images and documents quickly.

Cheap Canon Mac Compatible Flatbed Photo Scanner

1-Cable USB-Powered Low-Profile Scanner for OSX

Cheapest Mac Microphones

The best cheap USB microphone for Mac likely uses a condenser element capsule in a stylish design. This competitive space is delivering great sounding microphones from overseas at a much lower cost.

Fifine Cheap Mac Friendly USB Condenser Microphone

Affordable With RGB Lights : Tripod : Shock Mount : Pop Filter

Cheapest Mac Headsets

The best cheap mic headset for Mac blends affordability with clean, well-balanced sound playback and may range from tiny earbuds with inline microphone to full over the head earcups with an adjustable boom mic near your mouth.

Universal Cheap Mac Stereo Headset With Microphone

USB-A : USB-C Adapter : 1/8" - 3.5mm 4-Pole Connectivity

Cheapest Mac Webcams

The best cheap webcam for Mac video conferencing and capture is easy to find as many more manufacturers compete in this space. Very high resolutions, clarity and additional features are more affordable than ever.

Best Cheap Logitech Web Camera For MacOS

Fixed Focus : 720p HD : Internal Microphone

Cheapest Mac Speakers

The best cheap speakers for Mac can pack audio punch in a small package. I'm particularly fond of USB computer speakers and wireless Bluetooth speakers for great versatility with many Apple devices.

Logi 1-Cable USB-Only Cheap Stereo Speakers

2-Piece : Onboard Volume + / - With Mute Buttons

Cheapest Mac Backup Drives

The best cheap Apple Time Machine or Mac data backup drive typically has a ubiquitous USB 3.0 or faster connection and ample space for a growing number of files without the overkill of wasted storage capacity you'll never need.

Lowest Cost 1 Terabyte USB 3.0 Mac Backup Drive

Affordable Hard Disk Technology For Apple Time Machine

Cheapest Mac Thunderbolt 4 & 3 Drives

The best cheap Thunderbolt 3 or 4 compatible drive for your Mac will combine a solid-state flash memory SSD module with Intel and Apple's blazingly fast 40GBps interface.

Lowest Priced Mac Thunderbolt Solid-State Drive

240 to 1 Terabye Capacity : TB 3 and TB 4 Compatible

Cheapest Mac Flash Drives

The best cheap USB flash drive optimally supports USB 3.0 and higher data transfer speeds in a durable, pocketable form factor. You'll find USB 2.0 speed drives to be unbearable to use for large data files.