The Best Cheap Mac Flash Drive

Shopping for a rediculously low-cost Apple compatible keychain flash drive? MacGizmoGuy specializes in helping you find the best Macintosh peripherals and accessories available to have an Insanely Great Apple computer experience. However, some of us are on a tight budget and seek out the best but cheapest gadgets to compliment their Mac computing setup without severely damaging their wallet.

Cheapest Mac Flash Drives

The best cheap Flash memory drives for Mac computers are easier to find than ever. With flash chip prices steadily declining and speeds increasing, a good and fast Apple compatible flash drive is more affordable than ever. Be sure they're USB 3.0 and higher. USB 2.0 flash drives are painfully slow in comparison. Dual-Connector keychain drives are a smart purchase for usability on old and new Macintosh computers.

Best Universal Mac Flash Drive On The Cheap

Both USB-C & USB-A : Speeds To 350MBps

Cheapest Mac Thunderbolt Flash Drives

The best cheap Thunderbolt worthy Flash drives are tougher to find. Thunderbolt-anything costs Apple computer user a lot more due to licencing costs of Intel TBolt chipsets. So look for top-performing alternatives that use USB protocols instead.

Fastest Flash Drive Ever!
Kingston NVMe SSD Keychain Drive

Extreme 1000MB/s Performance : Thunderbolt 4 USB-C Connector

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