The Best Cheap Mac Color Inkjet Printer

Shopping for a ridiculously low-cost Apple compatible inkjet photo and document printer? MacGizmoGuy excels at finding the best Macintosh printing peripherals and accessories available to help you have an Insanely Great Apple computing experience. However, those of us on a limited budget may seek out the best but cheapest print and scan gadgets to compliment their Mac computing setup without unnecessarily wounding their wallet.

Cheapest Mac Inkjet Printers

The best and cheapest Mac ink jet printer can deliver photo quality color or quick black on white text without costing much upfront. It's the replacement ink tanks or cartridges that will get you in the long run. Here's Canon's 50-some buck basic color printer:

Very Low-Priced Basic Mac Color Inkjet

Just Your Basic USB Printer - Cable Not Included

Cheapest Mac All-In-One Inkjet Printers

The best cheap multifunction AIO printer for Mac and iOS gadgets costs under $100 and is a great solution for all your Apple home office or small biz faxing / printing / scanning / copying needs. For many faxing doesn't matter, but for some businesses it's essential.

Cheap Full Multi-Function Mac Office Printer

Does It All: Fax - Scan - Copy - Print

The Cheapest Inkjets May Be Costlier Long-Term

The best cheap color inkjet computer printers are usually easy to set up and get running. But be aware some come with 'starter' tanks or cartridges that don't hold much ink, and you'll soon be looking for replacements when the low-ink warning lights or messages begin. Go for the XL High-Capacity replacements to lower your page costs. Frankly, some color and black ink cartridges cost so much, it may be cheaper to simply throw the printer away than replace them. Sad.