The Best Cheap Mac USB Speaker

Shopping for a rediculously low-cost Apple compatible USB powered computer speaker? MacGizmoGuy excels at finding the best Macintosh peripherals and accessories available to help you have an insanely great Apple computer experience. However, some of us are on a tight budget and seek out the best but cheapest gadgets to compliment their Mac computing setup without damaging their wallet.

Dirt Cheap $15 USB Stereo Soundbar For Mac

Dual Drivers + Bass Radiator : 1-Cable Hookup

Cheapest Mac Desktop Speakers

The best cheap stereo speaker for Mac that's 1-Cable easy to connect is Logitech's little 2-piece USB powered loudspeakers. They've been making the same model for 15+ years. I had a set I wish I'd hung onto, they were perfect for my MacBook Air and sounded better than most.

Low-Cost Logi USB Stereo Speakers For Mac

1-Cable : Onboard Vol+/- and Mute

Cheapest USB-C Sound Bar Speaker + Hub Combo

The best cheap premium speaker for modern Macs with Thunderbolt 3/4 USB-C ports is this smart USB soundbar with two port USB-A hub built-in plus Bluetooth audio as well. It requires a USB-C equipped Mac so it's not for Apple computers prior to the Thunderbolt 3 era. A lower-priced, smaller USB-A compatible soundbar without the hub is also available.

Affordable USB + Bluetooth USB-C Speaker Hub

2-USB-A Ports + Bluetooth Reception + Sleek Metal Styling

Cheapest Mac Analog Speakers

The best cheap speakers for Mac and iOS gadgets that use an Analog 1/8"-3.5mm audio input and are USB-powered is Amazon Basic's great sounding stereo desktop speaker system for $20 or less.

Apple Compatible Stereo USB Desktop Speakers

Large Drivers For Deep Bass : Front Headphone Jac and Volume Control

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