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Best Cheap Mono Laser Printer For Mac Hassle-Free Prints

For many Apple computer owners, the need to print is critical at times. We tend to electronically create, save and exchange files with our Macs and iPhones more than ever - and print less than we used to. But when you GOTTA have a hard copy printout, a cheap Apple compatible black & white laser is the most hassle-free printing solution with a low cost per-page.

Best Mac Monochrome Laser On The Cheap

AirPrint Compatible Wireless Connectivity + USB : Duplex Printing

If color printing isn't essential, you can spare yourself the hassle of color inkjets; clogged nozzles, high ink costs, and excessive futzing. Monochrome Laser printers just spit out page after page in seconds with smudge-free output. Brother has long made a HL-series line of MacOS compatible compact laser printers at very affordable prices. MacGizmoGuy has seen them run for years with only a toner cartridge replacement needed somewhere along the way. Now, AirPrint wireless printing is pretty much standard for all your Apple gadgets, and a direct USB connection remains an option for cheap mono laser printer Mac connectivity in seconds.