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Best Mac Peripherals and MacBook Accessories

MacGizmoGuy has seen a million Mac accessories and peripherals come and go: Some great, some awful. A quarter-century of Apple computer consulting wisdom is here to help you shop smart and buy the best Macintosh computer gadgets for your MacBook, Macintosh Pro, iMac or Mac Mini desktop. I'll also point out Gizmos that also work well with your mobile, handheld Apple iOS devices like the iPad Tablet, iPhone and iPod Touch.

I've owned 'em. Installed 'em. Used 'em. Lived with 'em. Loved 'em. And you will too! Review these top Mac accessory, peripheral and gadget suggestions featured on this page. Also check out the best Mac software recommendation and subscribe to the MacGizmoGuy RSS Feed for new Mac computing hardware reviews of note.

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In a world where Apple computer gizmos seem to come and go, I'm quite surprised about how many truly, insanely great Mac accessories stand the test of time. Sometimes it varies by category. For example, Digital Cameras are a ruthless market where features and model numbers change constantly. Flash memory based Solid-State hard drives for Mac are changing an accelerated pace too - though frankly any SSD upgrade for your MacBook or Mac desktop is a GREAT performance enhancer even if you don't buy the latest, just-arrived model. Other well-designed Mac compatible peripherals sell for years without needing a product refresh -- an indication it was a smartly designed and great Mac accessory from the get-go.