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Best Fast SDXC Cards For M1 Mac Studio : iMac : MacBook Pro

Fast Secure Digital SD cards for Mac computers
Shopping for the fastest SDXC cards to leverage the speed potential of new M1 Apple computer models with built-in SD card reader slots? UHS‑II Ultra High Speed SD card support is now built into the recent M1 Mac Studio introduced in 2022 and the M1 MacBook Pro introduced in 2021. We're still waiting for an M1 iMac Pro with a secure digital slot in the year ahead. The enhanced SD card slot on these new M1 computers support ranges up to 250MBps to 300MBps Write and Read speeds, respectively. Contrast these rates of data transfer using UHS-II SD cards versus up to 90MB/s with lower-tier UHS-I SD cards.

Insanely Fast UHS II SDXC Cards For Macs

Benchmark Proven High Performance PNY SD Card

Ritz Video Pro UHS-II SDXC Card

Top 3 Benchmark Winning SD Memory Card Performance

Macintosh users can take advantage of their Mac SD card slot for additional storage space with extremely fast UHS-II V90 compliant SD cards available in capacities such as 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. Whether your wallet can afford larger SDXC cards is another matter. Be prepared for sticker-shock; really fast UHS-II SD cards, typically at well over $1.00 per GB, are easily 5 times more expensive than conventional Mac SSD drive storage.

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