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Best Thunderbolt 4 Compatible Mac SSD Backup Drives

Apple Thunderbolt 4 Peripherals
Shopping for future-proof Thunderbolt solid state drive for your new Apple Thunderbolt 4 equipped MacBook, Mac Studio, or Mac Mini? The best Thunderbolt 4 compatible external SSD's need to incorporate Intel's latest Titan Ridge TBolt chipsets to assure current and future interoperability. Fortunately a handful of the best Thunderbolt 3 SSD's are already using the Intel chipset to operate now as Thunderbolt 3 - USB 3.2 drives, but are ready for the Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 future. Until this new chipset, many drives on the market are Thunderbolt 3-ONLY and can't be used on other computers only having 10GBps USB-C speed ports.

Below are a few recommended drives with the new chipset that will work great on your current Macintosh - and well into the Thunderbolt 4 future:

Low-Cost Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q SSD with Thunderbolt 4-Ready chipset:

Sabrent Rocket TBolt 4 Compatible SSD

Best Bang For The Buck

Best-Selling LaCie's Rugged Pro Thunderbolt 4-Ready SSD:

Lacie TBolt 4 Compatible SSD

Tiny Thunderbolt 4 SSD Drive

Stylish Metal OWC Envoy Pro FX Thunderbolt 4-Ready SSD:

OWC TBolt 4 Compatible SSD

Super-Cooling Heatsink Enclosure

Solid-State Fantom Extreme Thunderbolt 4-Ready SSD:

Fantom Extreme TBolt 4 Compatible SSD

5-Year Warranty.

Any of the above portable backup drives are a safe choice to leverage Apple's current generation of high speed ports, and continue to work well as Mac Thunderbolt 4 - USB4 device connectivity evolves.