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Best USB 3.2 SSD Time Machine Mac Backup Drive Options

Shopping for the best Mac compatible USB 3.2 solid state SSD backup drive for Apple Time Machine or other data files? Leveraging the current 10GB/s USB bandwidth of a Thunderbolt / USB-C port on modern Macs, NVMe SSD storage is your best option to completely fill it's pipeline and deliver painless and FAST file transfers at an affordable price. Seriously, for 90% of Macintosh users, Thunderbolt 4 / 3 SSD storage devices may be total overkill and far more expensive.

Cheap and Fast 500GB LaCie USB 3.2 SSD For Mac

Comes with Short USB-C to USB-C Cable

Here's a link to another great choice in a USB 3.2 SSD backup drive for your Mac. Be careful choosing a drive: Some still use 6GB/s SATA SSD modules which deliver half the performance and Read/Write speeds that those using a NVMe / PCIe module can. Be sure in product descriptions it states peak transfer rates in the 800 to 1050 MBps range and not just 400-500 MBps range. You'll spit through your Apple Time machine backups, drive cloning sessions or file copies in far less time. It's worth just a coupla bucks more for NVMe PCIe SSD modules inside.