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Best New USB-C Computer Speakers For Macs 2022

USB-C Computer Speaker Cnnnection
Shopping for the best new USB-C computer speaker options in 2022 for your MacBook or desktop Macintosh setup? Check out some newly released stereo audio peripherals that take advantage of modern, high power Type-C computer ports. These high-powered USB-C loudspeakers take advantage of the extra amps of power on a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port on current Macs to offer higher watts, bigger driver cones and deeper bass than ever before.

Creative Labs Pebble offers its revised V3 USB-C desktop speakers to offer larger drivers, 1-Cable Type-C connectivity, Bluetooth device audio support and more making them the best-sounding USBC speakers to date.

New All-Digital V3 Model : Best USB-C Desktop Speaker Orbs

12 Watts Of Deep Bass Power

For a stylish USB-C sound bar loudspeaker, Sanyun's gorgeous metal soundbar offers dual stereo drivers, dual bass radiators, 1/8" aux input, a 2 port USB 3.0 Type-A hub and Bluetooth in a slim, attractive form factor to compliment your MacBook laptop or Mac mini or iMac desktop setup. It's an elegant 1-Cable, multi-function USB-C speaker solution.

Best USB-C Stereo Speaker Sound Bar For Mac

With USB-A Hub, Aux In and Bluetooth Support

Lastly, for the best All-In-One USB-C stereo speaker webcam with LED light bar, and microphone, AnkerWork's Video Bar is an excellent choice in a multifunction peripheral for Mac Studio, Mac Pro or Mac Mini desktop setups.

Best USB-C Speaker Webcam Microphone Combo For Mac

With Flip-Up LED Webcam Key Light And More

So far, these are the best three USB-C powered computer speakers for Mac in 2022. I'll update these as new Apple compatible Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) powered speaker systems reach the computer peripheral marketplace.

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