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The Best USB-ONLY Digital Computer Speakers For Macs

Less is more, and in the case of 1-cable Mac compatible USB-Only powered computer speakers, it's what to look for. USB-Only loudspeakers deliver both pure digital audio and power over a single cable. Many USB powered speakers aren't like that; they get power from the USB port -- but have a second wire for the Analog audio signal that connects to your MacBook or Apple desktop computer using the 1/8"/3.5mm headphone/microphone jack. Just one-more wire to tangle up your life with. Below are MacGizmoGuy's 1-Wire recommendations:

Creative Labs STAGE Super-Sounding USB Sound Bar

Dual Stereo Drivers, Bass Radiator, Bluetooth Reception, MP3 Player

Above is our top pick for one of the best sounding USB-Only desktop computer speakers to compliment your Macintosh system. Below, a compact portable monophonic USB-Only loudspeaker that's easy for MacBook Air and Pro owners to travel with.

Compact Portable 1-Cable USB-Only Speaker

3-Sound Settings for Voice : Bass : Balance Modes

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