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The big Oogley-Googley kinda hates my website - which has been around for over 12 years. So I deleted most of it, and laid out a fresh set of Mac shopping pages for every major type of Apple computer add-on or peripheral you're likely to be interested in. We'll see if it considers any of the new pages worthy of being listed in search.

How Many Mac Computers Does Apple Sell : Each Quarter - Every Year

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If you're wondering how many Mac computers Apple sells yearly or quarterly, I can tell you the numbers look good. In spite of a massive trend towards handheld iPhones and iPads, the Macintosh desktop and Apple MacBook laptop lines remain strong sellers. After selling 4+ million systems quarter after quarter, Apple's taken it to the next level.

In the past quarter - which spans the holiday shopping season - Apple sold a record-breaking 5.4 million Mac systems. That's great for both MacGizmoGuy's like me - and consumers like you. The market trend towards dominance in cell-phones and computing tablets has been somewhat detrimental to the shrinking share of the pie for conventional desktop computer peripherals and Mac accessories. Although there's some cross-over, many gadget and gizmo manufacturers are focusing ever-more R&D dollars towards mobile computing products geared for handhelds.

With Apple on trajectory to likely sell 20+ million Macs, 5 or more million each quarter. 4+ million of those will be MacBooks. That helps insure a reasonably healthy market for conventional computing peripherals designed especially for Mac.

The Cheapest Mac Computer Ever Sold : Ultra-Cheap Mac Mini

Shopping for the cheapest Macintosh computer model currently available? With the release of the newest Mac mini desktop computer in Late 2014, the Mac mini base model shaves a hundred bucks off it's predecessor and pares the list price down to $499 - a new price low making it the lowest-cost Mac mini ever sold, and the cheapest Mac desktop computer ever offered.

Cheap Mac Mini Computer
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.46.14 PM
Price Starting Under $500

You could say this price cut is long overdue when commodity value-priced desktop Windows PC's have easily hit the $249 - $399 price range. So at least Apple is moving in the right direction. What's the tradeoff for the cost savings? Besides the ongoing general trend of lower electronic component costs, Apple has opted for a modest 500Gb hard drive, and a SLOWER CPU clock-speed in the Intel i5 processor down to 1.4Ghz. Yes, it's slower than it's predecessor, but for the average Mac user at home, it's dual-core CPU can handle everyday tasks with ease regardless. Remember, with TurboBoost, Intel processors can temporarily throttle up their clock speed when they're doing demanding tasks as needed.

But don't underestimate this super-cheap Mac mini Late 2014: In addition to quad SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports - it also features an upgrade to the latest 2nd generation 20Gbps ThunderBolt 2 interface, an SDXC card slot, HDMI video, Gigabit Ethernet that you can hold in the palm of your hand. And if you need more there are certainly higher-end models and build-to-order options to get an SSD / Fusion drive and much higher clock speed CPU if your wallet wants it.

Best Headset For Mac Dictation - Music - Gaming

Logitech's Premium USB Headset for Mac is a great all-around performer for affordable but quality online chat, Apple Dictation and OSX speech recognition services, and audio and music enjoyment. For around $35-40 this headset with mic offers:

• High-performance earpiece drivers and built-in EQ
• Simple USB connection with rich digital stereo sound
• Rotating microphone boom flips up and away when not needed
• Background noise reduction mic for clear speech recognition
• On-ear volume and mute controls, Mute LED on cable
• Comfortable, soft, leatherette padded ear pieces and headband

Koss Multimedia USB Headset w/Mic - Gamers and music loving rockers might prefer this USB headset from Koss which offers many of the audio characteristics of their classic stereo headphone line. It also offers a longer, 8 foot USB cord for those who like to roam around their desk a bit.

For more Apple compatible USB headsets with built-in mic for online chat, VOIP, Mac Skype and Apple Dictation and Speech Recognition services check out this page at