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What's The Best Cheap Headset For Any Mac? This One

If you're on a tight budget like me, but still needing a great sounding solution, check out what I consider to be the best cheap headset with microphone for ANY Mac computer. With it's universal wired connectivity options, it's great for Macintosh desktop or MacBook laptop computers old or new.

Best Low-Cost Universal Mic Headset For Mac

1.8" 3.5mm Plug + USB-A Dongle + USB-C Adapter

With both USB a 1/8th inch Analog 4-conductor TRRS plug, this cheap mic headset with flexible boom microphone can be used on many Macs, iPads or iPhones. For some MacBooks with more limited ports, it's dongle with USB-A plug and optionally the included USB-C adapter is the right way to connect for pure Digital stereo computer audio. Compact ear-cups with great bass response keeps this cheap mic headset for Mac lighter in weight, cushioned by a padded headband. It's a fine choice for those with a lean wallet.

Best Portable Microphones For MacBook

You may think the internal mic in your MacBook Air or Pro 'sounds okay' for the most part. And for casual use maybe that's good enough. But if you were to listen to and compare the fidelity to any external, quality USB computer microphone plugged into your MacBook, you'd be surprised - and pleased by the difference in sound reproduction quality. Apple's internal microphones are far, far from studio grade.

Blue Tiki USB Condenser Mic

Dual Mode : Speech Or Music

Samson Go-Mic Portable USB

Cardioid or Omnidirectional Patterns

For a wide variety of recommended USB microphones for Mac desktop and MacBook laptop use, visit this site dedicated to better sounding audio capture and speech recognition on your Macintosh: http://www.mac-microphones.com