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Cheap ThunderBolt SSD Backup Drives For Mac

Cheap ThunderBolt SSDPortable ThunderBolt SSD Drive : All ThunderBolt storage products are still rather pricey no matter how you slice it. Intel's ThunderBolt chipset and port connector licensing adds about $75 to the retail price of any Mac accessory or storage device. But that's easing as more manufacturers and competition inches prices down. Here, the portable Akitio Neutrino 256GB SSD ThunderBolt external drive brings the price down near $300 USD. Certainly cheaper than ElGato but not quite as competitive as LaCie's USB 3.0 + ThunderBolt SSD combo interface offering.

At least SSD prices have gotten dirt cheap per Gigabyte in the past year helping to make these ultra-fast Mac backup solutions more affordable than before. For some; simply plugging a bare, off-the-shelf 2.5" SSD of your choosing into Seagate's Backup+ ThunderBolt drive dock is a workable and cheap TBolt backup option.

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