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Benchmark Proven! FASTEST USB-C Flash Drive For Macs. Period.

The ultra-fast Thunderbolt keychain flash drive market never really happened because the cost of Thunderbolt chipsets and licensing made them cost prohibitive. But over on the USB side, thinks are getting interesting as too often pokey thumb drives are performing like modern USB SSD drives thanks to cheaper, smarter controllers and ever-denser flash chips. Here's the standout leader of some of the faster SuperSpeed USB 3.2 keychain style drives on the market.

Fastest Flash Drive Ever!
Kingston NVMe SSD Keychain Drive

Extreme 1000MB/s Performance : Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Connector

The newest generation of Type-C keychain drives have begun using SSD caliber NVMe flash modules and sophisticated PCIe controllers yielding external USB-C SSD backup drive performance in an ultra-slim thumb drive form factor. Kingston's DataTraveler Max delivers up to 1000MB/s read speeds, in capacities up to 1 Terabyte making it the FASTEST Thunderbolt compatible flash drive on a stick -- ever!