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GREAT Sounding Apple Lightning Earbuds On The Cheap

Want a great sounding set of iPhone earbud headphones with deep thumping bass for your Lightning port? I had absolutely HAD it with Apple's horrible ear pod style headphones that just endlessly FAIL to stay in your ears, seal well around your ear canal, or deliver full frequency response playback unless you hold them pressed into place. MacGizmoGuy says they're crap and he means it. It turns out a rather cheap Lighting earbud headphone from a no-name FAPO brand was a great purchase and I'm loving them.

Best iPhone Lighting Earbuds Under $20

Huge Driver Cans Deliver Awesome Thumping Bass

With their large driver 'cans' the extra millimeters or two of it's driver cones really make a difference in low-frequency response. They're also easier to grip and insert or remove. Like most earbud sets, there's an inline microphone and volume control nice and close to your mouth and a slightly shorter cable than the crappy pods had - far less likely to snag or tangle like my previous ones were prone to. Normally I'm a big fan of SkullCandy quality earbuds, pods and headphones, but for half the price of Skull's, these FAPO earbuds are delivering fantastic sound playback for half the price. FYI: There's an Analog 1.8" plug version if using a Lighting connector ain't your thing.