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Best Tax Software For Mac 2018 : OSX Download For TurboTax

With an ever-growing number of Apple computer system users in both homes and businesses, there is a greater need than ever before for tax preparation software for Mac OSX. They can really ease the pain of submitting State and Federal income tax forms. Unless you're completing a very basic 1040 or 1040 EZ Fed tax status, you need all the assistance you can get to help with preparation taxes on your Mac with ease and precision.

The two primary apps for Mac tax prep are Intuit's longstanding TurboTax Deluxe and H&R Block's Mac Tax Software - formerly known as 'TaxCut' and 'At Home'. Both programs generally available at retail or for download prior to Thanksgiving to let you get an early start on your 2018 taxes due in April of 2019.

Mac TurboTax Deluxe Download

Fed + State 2018 eFile

NOTE: Self-Employed and Schedule-C filers need to buy the Home & Business edition to unlock Schedule-C and home office deduction features. The Deluxe version no longer does that. While you can pay to upgrade to Intuit's Home & Biz version from inside the Deluxe software if you need to, it's cheaper to buy the full Home & Biz version in the first place.

Home & Business TurboTax For MacOS

For Mac Sole Proprieters

TurboTax Mac 2018 is also available in boxed retail packaging on DVD if you need it. Frankly though, with Apple having discontinued the inclusion of a SuperDrive in any of it's more recent Macintosh desktop and laptop computers, most will simply prefer the downloadable Mac OSX version of the tax software linked above.

If you prefer to use H&R Block's Tax software for Mac OSX, they offer a decidedly more affordable alternative than Intuit's TurboTax Deluxe:

H&R Block 2018 Mac Tax App

Deluxe Fed & State With eFiling

Like Intuit - H&R Block's Deluxe Fed+State 2018 version doesn't include Schedule-C, rental property and other small biz features. For that you'll need the Premium version.

Block Mac Tax App For 2018

Schedule-C For Self Employed

Once you've keyed in your 2018 tax-year Federal income and expense data, and have gone over any of your deductions, the Turbotax or H&R Blog application can likewise assist with State tax prep for those Mac OSX owners who live in states which require them. The crucial data from your Federal filing gets automatically imported into the State portion to ease the procedure. One may then additionally e-File (electronically submit your returns) over the web for faster, paperless filing and getting a return quicker.

Small MacBook : iPad : iPhone Travel Printer Recommendations

Have you been evaluating and shopping for an Apple friendly mobile printing solution for a MacBook laptop computer or iOS handheld device?

There's several small, compact and light weight printer choices optimal for mobile professionals working on the go. Just a few companies make Apple compatible mobile printing solution targeted to this consumer space, so choosing on what to purchase is far simpler than needing to evaluate the voluminous number of choices in the broader desktop printing marketplace.

Who Manufactures Apple Compatible Travel Printer Solutions?

Presently there are only a small number of Apple friendly travel printer makers you need to focus on. Namely, they are Hewlett Packard - HP, Epson, Canon, Primera Technologies and Brother.

Apple compatible travel printers from HP - Hewlett Packard

HP presently makes two battery operated Apple compatible travel printing solution products: One of them is both a printer / scanner / copier combo for both printing and scanning when required.

MacBook Friendly Mobile HP All-In-One - OfficeJet 250

HP 250 Travel AIO Printer

USB & WiFi Print - Scan - Copy

MacBook Compatible Mobile HP Inkjet Printer : OfficeJet 200

HP 200 Portable MacBook Printer

USB + WiFi Portable Inkjet Prints

HP's OJ 200 is smaller and lighter but offers print only capabilities. The Office Jet 250 MFP offers both scanning and printing AIO - MFP functions yet is the biggest and most heavy of all the Apple compatible portable printings available. Each provide AirPrint And wireless WiFi Direct compatibility, as well as wired USB connectivity.

Apple compatible travel printing solution from Epson USA

Epson's current Apple friendly travel printing is the WF - WorkForce 100. It's one of the smaller and light weight designs compared to the competition.

WF-100 Epson Mobile Printer

Wireless iOS and OSX Printing

It includes a Color LCD display. A internal Lithium Ion battery can trickle charge from either a MacBook Pro or Air laptop's USB port or AC power adapter.

Apple compatible portable printing solutions from Brother Inc.

An unusual Apple friendly mobile printing solution is also available for select business requirements. Unlike the other companies, the PockjetJet uses Thermal printer technology to print without ink onto specially coated thermal paper sheets.

Brother Laptop Mobile Printer

USB2 or WiFi and AirPrint Thermal Printing

Various choices for device connectivity include wired USB and optional Bluetooth or AirPrint Wi-Fi depending on which model you opt for.

Apple friendly mobile printing solutions from Canon USA

Canon's current portable offering is the IP110 model. It too has AirPrint or WiFi Direct compatibility.

Canon IP110 Laptop Printer

Wireless iOS + OSX Device Printing

It's among the lowest-cost entry options for an Apple compatible travel printing, but do note that a bolt-on and rather hefty battery is optional and is not included with the printer. It also lacks an LCD control panel like HP and Epson offer,

AirPrint and Wi-Fi Direct Apple friendly travel printing solutions

Each of the afore mentioned Apple compatible travel printer manufacturers support USB wired printing from a MacBook Air or Pro laptop computer via any standard USB cable. A few also offer AirPrint and wireless Wi-Fi Direct functions as included or an option.

Wireless portable printer solutions that also support iOS devices

Many people evaluating and shopping for an Apple friendly travel printer will also need to print from an IOS phone or iPad tablet. In these environments, AirPrint And Wi-Fi Direct compatibility should be a priority so that your IOS phone or iPad tablet can print easily and wirelessly to an Apple friendly travel printing solution if needed.

Apple compatible portable USB-ONLY print/scan combo from Primera

Primera currently sells a very compact and small Apple friendly portable printer with scanner combo peripheral that weighs less than an 11 inch MacBook Air making it much easier to live with if you're a mobile professional frequently on the road. Sadly, the Primera Trio print / scan / copy combo does NOT have wireless abilities, it's USB only. However, for iPad or iPhone use - it is possible to use Apple's Printer Sharing function on a MacBook to allow an iPhone or iPad to print *through* your laptop via a wireless connection.

Multi-Function USB Mobile Printer

With Hand-Fed Scanning and Copy

Although it's USB only and uses just one black OR tri-color ink cart at a time, the Primera Trio All-In-One is an ideal decision for MacBook Air or Pro notebook computer users wanting maximum print, scan, copy functions in a highly compact mobile accessory. Like the Canon IP110, the internal battery is sold separately. But it's much smaller, lighter and fits neatly inside the printer mechanism unobtrusively.

Best Apple Compatible HDTV Tuner For MacOS

Television With Antenna
Want the ability to watch, record, time-shift and capture live TV on your MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini?

Geniatech's U6 USB HDTV tuner stick for MacOS can be a great addition to your Macintosh computer setup.

Geniatech HDTV Tuner For Mac OSX

Bundled With EyeTV DVR App

• Watch, Record, Rewind, Enjoy Free TV On Your Macintosh
• Digital ATSC Tuner For Mac - Requires External Antenna
• Includes EyeTV v3 DVR Software For Mac: OS X 10.6.8 or later
• Compact USB Stick Tuner Design

To receive free OTA - Over The Air digital television programming with your Mac compatible HDTV tuner stick, the U6 TV tuner will require either an indoor or outdoor television antenna - depending on your distance from your local television broadcast towers.