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The Essential Mac Accessory And Peripheral Scene

The Apple Mac computer peripheral scene is as full-bore as it has been the past few years. Apple's been shipping a reasonably steady number of Macintosh desktops and MacBook laptops every quarter.

Though the Mac compatible accessory scene is deeper and broader than it's ever been - It seems to be playing 2nd-fiddle to what's happening in the iOS world.

That may be hard to discern sometimes as the iGadget world for iPads, iPhones and iWatches seem to dominate the tech news headlines - and OSX takes a distant back-seat.

Best Apple Compatible HDTV Tuner For MacOS

Television With Antenna
Want the ability to watch, record, time-shift and capture live TV on your MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini?

Geniatech's U6 USB HDTV tuner stick for MacOS can be a great addition to your Macintosh computer setup.

Geniatech HDTV Tuner For Mac OSX

Bundled With EyeTV DVR App

• Watch, Record, Rewind, Enjoy Free TV On Your Macintosh
• Digital ATSC Tuner For Mac - Requires External Antenna
• Includes EyeTV v3 DVR Software For Mac: OS X 10.6.8 or later
• Compact USB Stick Tuner Design

To receive free OTA - Over The Air digital television programming with your Mac compatible HDTV tuner stick, the U6 TV tuner will require either an indoor or outdoor television antenna - depending on your distance from your local television broadcast towers.

Mac Back To School Apple Deals And Discount Promos

Shopping for insanely great Mac computers and accessories at a discount for back to school - college needs? This time of year Apple, Amazon and others offer discounts and deals to help you gear up for education technology.

In 2016, Apple is currently offering a set of Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones if you buy a Mac for college by mid-September. They also offer a free set of Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones when you buy an iPad PRO model (only) - or an iPhone 6 or 6s (only.) These are a good thing, because frankly young folk like to BLAST their music to people who might not share their audio preferences. But that's what being young is like - not knowing where your sound-space ends and others right not to have to listen to it begins. Kudos to Apple for choosing personal listening headphones as their 2016 Back-To-School promo!

Amazon is also featuring back to college deals and discounts for computer technology needed to gear up for the school year with thier Shop Amazon For Off To College promo loaded with Mac compatible accessories and gadgets.

For most secondary ed and college bound students, I recommend the ultra-light and ultra slim MacBook Air to ease the pain of lugging around just that much LESS along with their textbooks and whatnot. Select students in certain fields of art and design, architecture and others might really need the added screen space and extra CPU horsepower of a full-blown 15" MacBook Pro laptop, but they may be the exception.

Check out these pages of specific MacBook Air peripherals and MacBook Pro accessories that MacGizmoGuy recommends to round-out your Apple compatible computing gadget arsenal.

Apple USB 3.1 Rev 1 Retina MacBooks : Not So Fast

USBC MacBook Data and Charging Port
With the introduction of the 12-Inch MacBook with Retina Display, Apple is delivering the first Macintosh system with the next-generation of USB connector. The USB 'Type-C' interface provides the new non-directional, reversible plug for hassle-free device connectivity. The Type-C jack also replaces MagSafe as the charging port as well.

It's important to note though that Apple's implementation is just the 1st revision of the USB 3.1 standard. Rev 1 means any new devices connected to it will still operate at USB 3.0's 5Gbps speed. It won't be until full USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ (Plus) chipsets are used in future Macs that the data transfer rates will bump up to SS+ 10Gbps speeds - and on a par with 1st generation Apple ThunderBolt devices.

In a way, that's okay. Very few Apple computer peripherals need or can even come close to maxing out a 5Gbps USB connection anyway. Really, only multi-drive RAID storage arrays and 4K video displays need that kind of bandwidth. (And in particular - PCIe based solid-state drive arrays.) As such, expect the industry-wide rollout of SuperSpeed+ to 10Gbps to be a slow one. It remains to be seen if, how and when Apple implements it across their MacBook and desktop line in the year ahead.

Best Mac Peripherals and MacBook Accessories

MacGizmoGuy has seen a million Mac accessories and peripherals come and go: Some great, some awful. A quarter-century of Apple computer consulting wisdom is here to help you shop smart and buy the best Macintosh computer gadgets for your MacBook, Macintosh Pro, iMac or Mac Mini desktop. I'll also point out Gizmos that also work well with your mobile, handheld Apple iOS devices like the iPad Tablet, iPhone and iPod Touch.

I've owned 'em. Installed 'em. Used 'em. Lived with 'em. Loved 'em. And you will too! Review these top Mac accessory, peripheral and gadget suggestions featured on this page. Also check out the best Mac software recommendation and subscribe to the MacGizmoGuy RSS Feed for new Mac computing hardware reviews of note.

Learn from others who found Apple gadgets they buy in droves: Amazon's Best Selling Mac Peripherals helps you find the most popular products and brands of Macintosh Desktop and MacBook laptop accessories that more Mac users than ever are looking for.

In a world where Apple computer gizmos seem to come and go, I'm quite surprised about how many truly, insanely great Mac accessories stand the test of time. Sometimes it varies by category. For example, Digital Cameras are a ruthless market where features and model numbers change constantly. Flash memory based Solid-State hard drives for Mac are changing an accelerated pace too - though frankly any SSD upgrade for your MacBook or Mac desktop is a GREAT performance enhancer even if you don't buy the latest, just-arrived model. Other well-designed Mac compatible peripherals sell for years without needing a product refresh -- an indication it was a smartly designed and great Mac accessory from the get-go.