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Cheapest AirPrint Compatible Printer For iPad : iPhone : Mac

Cheap Air Printers

On a tight budget and looking for the cheapest Apple AirPrint compatible printing solution for your Macintosh or iOS handheld tablet or phone? For fifty bucks or less, there's a surprising number of low-cost wireless inkjet printers and multi-function All-In-One's to choose from that support Apple's automatic device discovery protocols to make connecting to and printing wirelessly over a Wi-Fi network easy from MacOS or iOS gadgets. Here's two top-choices for low-cost wireless print, copy and scan functions:

Canon MX492 : Cheap AirPrint AIO Printer

Dirt Cheap Apple AirPrint All-In-One Inkjet

Low-Cost USB and Wireless Connectivity

HP OJ 4650 : Cheap Multifunction Air Printer
Low-Priced HP All-In-One Inkjet

USB Plus AirPrint and WiFi Direct

As will nearly ANY inkjet printer, the initial low-cost of a cheap AirPrint printer doesn't last long. Once either or both of the two ink cartridges run low in your Canon or Hewlett-Packard bargain peripheral, you're faced with a painful choice: Pony up for pricey inks, or just junk the cheap wireless AirPrint compatible printer and buy an entirely new one for around the same price as it's inks. Sadly, cheaper remanufactured carts can be risky as internal electronics are designed by manufacturers to outright reject, fail to properly detect or report ink levels in refilled carts.

Best Portable Printer AND Scanner For MacBook

Best Portable Printer For MacBook Pro or Air?

HP's Portable Laptop Printer + Scanner for MacBook Pro or Air made them the first company ever to deliver a mobile print and scan solution for Mac OSX users on the go. This battery powered portable scanner and printer for MacBooks running OSX 10.5 and higher features a color Touch-Screen control panel and both USB 2.0 and wireless AirPrint and WiFi Direct printer connectivity.

HP Portable Printer Combo For MacBook Air or Pro

Sheet-Fed Color Scan / Copy +_Inkjet Printing

For an even lighter and more compact portable MacBook combo printer scanner solution, the lightweight Primera Trio MacBook All-In-One is also a good choice - with some tradeoffs over HP's more fully featured but bulkier and heavier mobile print / scan laptop solution.

Multi-Function USB Portable MacBook Printer

With Hand-Fed Scan & Copy + Inkjet Printing

These two MacBook compatible mobile printer scanner combo inkjets have been a long awaited and important Mac accessory for select business users on the road who really need to both print, copy and scan receipts and documents anywhere, any time. The HP 250 or Primera Trio can eliminate the need to carry a separate Mac compatible USB powered mobile scanner. For those who just need mobile printing functions, the HP 200 series laptop printer-only is around $100 less.

For other mobile printing and scanning solutions, please visit to find the right Mac computing accessories for travel.

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Small MacBook : iPad : iPhone Travel Printer Recommendations

Have you been evaluating and shopping for an Apple friendly mobile printing solution for a MacBook laptop computer or iOS handheld device?

There's several small, compact and light weight printer choices optimal for mobile professionals working on the go. Just a few companies make Apple compatible mobile printing solution targeted to this consumer space, so choosing on what to purchase is far simpler than needing to evaluate the voluminous number of choices in the broader desktop printing marketplace.

Who Manufactures Apple Compatible Travel Printer Solutions?

Presently there are only a small number of Apple friendly travel printer makers you need to focus on. Namely, they are Hewlett Packard - HP, Epson, Canon, Primera Technologies and Brother.

Apple compatible travel printers from HP - Hewlett Packard

HP presently makes two battery operated Apple compatible travel printing solution products: One of them is both a printer / scanner / copier combo for both printing and scanning when required.

MacBook Friendly Mobile HP All-In-One - OfficeJet 250

HP 250 Travel AIO Printer

USB & WiFi Print - Scan - Copy

MacBook Compatible Mobile HP Inkjet Printer : OfficeJet 200

HP 200 Portable MacBook Printer

USB + WiFi Portable Inkjet Prints

HP's OJ 200 is smaller and lighter but offers print only capabilities. The Office Jet 250 MFP offers both scanning and printing AIO - MFP functions yet is the biggest and most heavy of all the Apple compatible portable printings available. Each provide AirPrint And wireless WiFi Direct compatibility, as well as wired USB connectivity.

Apple compatible travel printing solution from Epson USA

Epson's current Apple friendly travel printing is the WF - WorkForce 100. It's one of the smaller and light weight designs compared to the competition.

WF-100 Epson Mobile Printer

Wireless iOS and OSX Printing

It includes a Color LCD display. A internal Lithium Ion battery can trickle charge from either a MacBook Pro or Air laptop's USB port or AC power adapter.

Apple compatible portable printing solutions from Brother Inc.

An unusual Apple friendly mobile printing solution is also available for select business requirements. Unlike the other companies, the PockjetJet uses Thermal printer technology to print without ink onto specially coated thermal paper sheets.

Brother Laptop Mobile Printer

USB2 or WiFi and AirPrint Thermal Printing

Various choices for device connectivity include wired USB and optional Bluetooth or AirPrint Wi-Fi depending on which model you opt for.

Apple friendly mobile printing solutions from Canon USA

Canon's current portable offering is the IP110 model. It too has AirPrint or WiFi Direct compatibility.

Canon IP110 Laptop Printer

Wireless iOS + OSX Device Printing

It's among the lowest-cost entry options for an Apple compatible travel printing, but do note that a bolt-on and rather hefty battery is optional and is not included with the printer. It also lacks an LCD control panel like HP and Epson offer,

AirPrint and Wi-Fi Direct Apple friendly travel printing solutions

Each of the afore mentioned Apple compatible travel printer manufacturers support USB wired printing from a MacBook Air or Pro laptop computer via any standard USB cable. A few also offer AirPrint and wireless Wi-Fi Direct functions as included or an option.

Wireless portable printer solutions that also support iOS devices

Many people evaluating and shopping for an Apple friendly travel printer will also need to print from an IOS phone or iPad tablet. In these environments, AirPrint And Wi-Fi Direct compatibility should be a priority so that your IOS phone or iPad tablet can print easily and wirelessly to an Apple friendly travel printing solution if needed.

Apple compatible portable USB-ONLY print/scan combo from Primera

Primera currently sells a very compact and small Apple friendly portable printer with scanner combo peripheral that weighs less than an 11 inch MacBook Air making it much easier to live with if you're a mobile professional frequently on the road. Sadly, the Primera Trio print / scan / copy combo does NOT have wireless abilities, it's USB only. However, for iPad or iPhone use - it is possible to use Apple's Printer Sharing function on a MacBook to allow an iPhone or iPad to print *through* your laptop via a wireless connection.

Multi-Function USB Mobile Printer

With Hand-Fed Scanning and Copy

Although it's USB only and uses just one black OR tri-color ink cart at a time, the Primera Trio All-In-One is an ideal decision for MacBook Air or Pro notebook computer users wanting maximum print, scan, copy functions in a highly compact mobile accessory. Like the Canon IP110, the internal battery is sold separately. But it's much smaller, lighter and fits neatly inside the printer mechanism unobtrusively.

NEW Portable MacBook Printer Models From HP

Newest Mobile MacBook Printers From HP

Hewlett Packard just released updated and revised models of their mobile MacBook compatible printing (and optionally, scanning) solutions. They both now feature USB and WiFi wireless (as well as Bluetooth) MacOS and iOS device printing connectivity. The LiOn battery is now also completely integrated inside the printer instead snapping on the back like an afterthought. The OfficeJet 200 printer features a grayscale 2" LCD control panel, while the multi-function Print-Scan-Copy AIO OfficeJet 250 offers a 2.5" color display. They also print 2-3 times faster than the previous 100 & 150 models.

New HP MacBook Printer

HP 200 Portable Printer

USB And WiFi Printing


New HP MacBook Mobile Printer + Scanner

HP 250 Portable All-In-One

USB + WiFi Print / Scan / Copy

Both these models use HP 62 series Black and Tri-Color cartidges. We strongly recommend always, always buying 62XL high-capacity cartridges!!! You'll get 2x-3x more prints per cartridge at only a 30% price premium. XL is the smart way to go and will save you serious money over the life of your portable HP MacBook printer.

Best-Selling AirPrint Compatible Mono Laser Printer For Mac

Shopping for a Mac OSX and iOS Airprint compatible laser printer on the cheap? Brother has long delivered great value in affordable monochrome laser printers. With the Apple-friendly HL-L2340DW compact laser printer, duplex printing and wireless networking can be had for well under $100 USD -- and it's an absolute bargain on every level for cheap, reliable printouts. It's what consumers want, and that puts it high on Amazon's Top-100 Best-Seller list for good reason.

Mac And IOS Brother Laser

Airprint Compatible B&WPrinter

Plunk one of these in the middle of your home or business - and ANY Apple, Windows or Android device will easily print to it wirelessly. Sure it only prints black and white. For the rarer times where you actually NEED color. you can always have a secondary ink-sucking color inkjet photo printer when needed.

Wireless Portable Printer For MacBook : Small - Light - Compact

Epson recently joined the ranks of computer peripheral companies offering a lightweight and compact WiFi travel printer for Mac OSX and Apple IOS. The Epson WF-100 is now the smallest and most portable mobile printing solution for Apple users on the go.

Portable Epson Printer WF-100

WiFi Mobile Direct Printing + USB

This 3.5 pound printer offers an LCD display control panel, USB and WiFi connectivity, and a Lithium Ion battery that's rechargeable via AC adapter (included) or from your MacBook's USB port when needed. Easily print from an Apple iPad, iPhone, tablets, smartphones as well as PC or Mac laptops.

For a listing of all the Apple compatible mobile printing solutions available: Visit to see what's available from HP, Canon and Epson.

Wireless Portable Printer With AirPrint For MacBook - iPad - iPhone

Canon was long overdue to update it's popular iP100 mobile printer that's been on the market for quite sometime. With the release of the iP110 they've added wireless AirPrint printing capabilities (in addition to USB) and changed the portable printer's casing from silver to charcoal gray. As a result the original iP100 has seen a significant price cut as the iP110 succeeds it. Both continue to use PGI-25 Black and /CLI-36 color photo ink cartridges. With Canon portable printers, a battery is optional equipment and bolts onto the back of the printer adding to it's bulk and overall cost if truly AC-power free printing is required. Since there hasn't been a MAJOR physical design change to the printer and it lacks a LCD control panel, assume an OSX utility is used for configuring AirPrint to find your wireless network and configure the access password.

Canon AirPrint Portable Printer

Wireless + USB Photo Prints

Although competitor Hewlett-Packhard has it's OfficeJet 100 and 150 Mac compatible mobile printing solutions, they only offer wireless Bluetooth printing. So the addition of AirPrint compatibility for your Mac and any iOS devices is welcomed. However, unlike Canon's iP110 and 100, an internal battery is included and not a separate, optional and external add-on.

For a big picture view of currently shipping MacBook Pro and Air portable printing solutions, inks and accessories visit:

Best All-In-One Printer For iPad iPhone Or Mac

AirPrint Compatible Printer Does It All-In-One WiFi Assistant : Hewlett Packard does printers RIGHT. Here, the HP 6520 delivers one of the best printer solutions for iPad Tablet, iPhone or Mac OSX for only around $120. With very fast print speeds and both USB and Wi-Fi Wireless convenience, it's an excellent small office workhorse or shared home multi-function printer / scanner / copier. It's also AIRPRINT Compatible allowing direct wireless printing from iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running the latest iOS update. Tip: Always buy XL - High Capacity replacement ink cartridges for far more pages of printed output for only a few dollars more.

Visit for other desktop and portable inkjet, laser and multi-function AIO printing solutions for Apple iOS gadgets and Mac OSX.

Best Monochrome Laser Printer For Mac

Cheap HP Laser Printer Affordable USB & WiFi Wireless HP Laser : This low-cost black and white laser from Hewlett-Packard will pay for itself in savings over an ink-sucking inkjet printer. This $100 USB 2.0 and Wireless laser easily gives ~1000+ pages or more before needing a new toner cartridge. It also supports HP's ePrint to print wirelessly from your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad tablet. An Apple compatible printer is one of the singularly most essential Mac peripherals everyone needs to own and HP's support for Mac OSX and iOS is solid.

For other mono or color laser printers for Mac, visit for your personal or business printing needs.