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Welcome to my online PR department. Here you'll find an archive press releases issued by MacGizmoGuy. Press release wires and news announcements are online publications assist in customer awareness, brand-recognition and website visibility. I've been consulting with PR professionals about using press release distribution services or “newswires” for helping me in informing the public about my business and emerging Apple computer technologies that Macintosh users and technology buffs might find interesting. More small business owners should take advantage of PR distribution opportunity to share their expertise or info about new service offerings or products. Like many B2B and B2C ecommerce sites, I've decided to add a dedicated page to for some of my dabblings in the world of online PR distribution about Apple compatible hardware products I love writing about.

Here's a release from a few years back when SSD storage for Mac was just starting to hit the consumer market in this
SSD For Mac article at PRLog.

We've come along way since then and affordable solid-state Macintosh drive upgrades are now the single best performance boosting enhancement you can give an aging Mac. So here's an updated news release by MacGizmoGuy that speaks to the value an SSD for a Mac can bring to your Apple computer's performance.

This article about Apple online video chat discusses driver-free External Mac Webcams. UVC is a growing web camera standard with driver support built into OSX for an increasing number of USB 2.0 webcams that work on a Mac.

Here's another press release about the Webcam Mac scene and the value an external Mac compatible web camera brings over a built-in iSight cam and it's limited viewing angles.

In the category of Mac accessories for data backup and storage markets, here MacGizmoGuy addresses the ultra-fast data speeds of ThunderBolt Backup Drive products that use Intel and Apple's dual-channel ThunderBolt interface. Of note: The SSD Thunderbolt products that are fast enough to fully leverage the extreme bandwidth of Apple ThunderBolt ports.