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MacGizmoGuy aka Russell T. Baer has been an Apple computer consultant and affectionado for over a quarter of a century. In thousands of on-site Mac tech support visits and consultations he's witnessed the rise of the personal computer revolution - and Apple's incredible rise to dominance in the technology landscape. From the introduction of the Apple Lisa - to the first Macintosh - to modern day MacBook, iMac and Mac mini desktops he's seen it, and grown through it all along the way. I had an opportunity to get a lot of great hands-on, first-person experience with a wide range of Apple computer peripherals and Macintosh accessories from a diverse array of manufacturers.

Although I'm new retired from the on-site Apple Tech Support scene, my Macintosh filled brain is unstoppable. That Apple Gizmo, iOS Device, MacBook Accessories, Macintosh Peripherals and OSX Computer software guy - understood locally as MacGizmoGuy - relocated his www.maccgizmoguy.com headquarters to Southern California and coming to be part of the Fabulously Gay and Swimming Pool laden local retirement scene. Occasionally I offer my Mac wisdom for consulations and share what I know, but these days most of my energies go to overseeing the management of www.macgizmoguy.com and related websites that are focused on helping Macintosh users understand products and emerging technologies affecting the Apple computing landscape.

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