Best Bluetooth Headsets For Mac

Bluetooth Headsets For Mac Users

Apple compatible wireless Bluetooth headset with microphone options abound with many styles to suit your freedom to roam audio playback on your Mac or iOS device.

On-Ear Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth mic headsets with large on-ear cups are ideal for high fidelity music playback and noice blocking or pass through depending on earcup style.

In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Bluetooth headsets with earbuds - and ideally several sets of included silicone earpieces - can give a snug fit, noise isolation, and good bass response.

Ultra-Light Bluetooth Earbuds

Though needing regular charging for thier tiny batteries, wireless earbuds are popular as unobtrusive stereo music listening, iPhone calls, and video conferencing.

Single vs Dual Ear Headsets

For music, you'll certainly want dual ear cup or ear buds for good stereo sound playback. If voice communications matter most, a single sided Bluetooth headset may be preferred.