Best HD Document Cams For MacOS

Document Cameras For Mac

The demand for Mac compatible document camera hardware is high thanks to their use in education and for business presentations. With specialized overhead stands (and often built-in LED lighting), document cams capture and present printed material as well as smaller hand-holdable 3D objects.

#1 Best Selling Document Cam For MacOS

Ultra-High Definition : Great Apple Support

Mac Compatible Document Camera Compatibility

Doc cams that conform to the USB Video Class - UVC device specification are plug and play compatible with Apple's Mac OSX since version 10.5+

Mac Document Camera Features

Document cameras typically feature an extendable armature with a camera at the head for optimal placement over the objects, photos or written material. Many support focus and zoom adustments on the camera head, and LED lights to assure the material is well lit.

Document Camera Apps For MacOS

Some doc cam companies like iPevo and Okiolabs provide OSX-specific software to help capture and clean-up, show and save your presentation materials. Check the manufacturer's Support website section for the availabily of Mac-specific apps available.