Best USB-C Drives For Mac

Fast USB-C SSD Backup Drives For Mac

Fast and affordable, a solid-state USB-C drive is an afforddable and excellent choice for Apple Time Machine backups of your Mac and other file sharing needs. Even if you have an older Macintosh without USB-C ports, these drives can be used on an older USB-A port insted.

Best USB-C Flash Drives

The best USB flash drives for Mac will offer BOTH your preferred Type-A or newer Type-C connection for connection to any Macintosh system old or new. Note the potential Read/Write speeds of a flash drive you're considering. Some of the newest flash drives rival conventional solid-state SSD backup drives with high performance.

FASTEST USB-C/Thunderbolt Keychain Flash Drive Made To Date!

Full SSD Speeds to 1050Mbps : Retractable Type-C USB-C Interface

Best USB-C Portable Drives

The best USB 3.1/3.2 portable backup drives use ultra-fast PCIe NVMe modules to fully take advantage of SuperSpeed+ 10Gpbs USB-C and ThunderBolt ports. With SSD modules, many Apple Time Machine friendly portable drives are far smaller - more like a matchbox in size and not the chunky deck of card size typical of 2.5" laptop hard drive.

Blue AData USB-C SSD Drive For Mac

512GB & 1TB Capacities : Reads to 1000Mbps

Best USB-C Desktop Drives

The best USB 3.1/3.2 desktop drives for your Mac backups will give you high capacity storage using SSD or HDD drive modules. Here you'll also find multi-drive RAID array storage for high-demand computing situations